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Foundation Repair Houston

Foundation repair Houston – by Aura Remodeling. The foundation is one of the most important parts of any home because it holds up the entire structure. It is so important that your home has a foundation that is in good condition to keep your home and yourself safe. Our company can take care of any foundation damage for your home or commercial property. We follow strict safety regulations and keep everything up to code.

We can let you know if everything is working efficiently and effectively to protect your foundation. For example, your gutters need to be set up so that they can divert water at least 10 feet away from the foundation. Water damage will affect your foundation and if not fixed right away will continue to get worse and more costly for you down the road. You may take the best care of your house but at some point, foundation repair may be necessary. Homeowners don’t necessarily pay close attention to the foundation but if a minor issue becomes a major issue it will be a huge problem. There are some things to look out for that will help you see the warning signs to look out for.

Cracks in walls or nail pops

If you happen to see any cracks in your Houston home, it is a clear indication of foundation damage. Cracks can be found in the drywall, inside your home, or on the exterior of your home. If you happen to notice zig-zag cracks in any brick this is not uncommon. At the first sign of any cracks in the home give us a call today. Nail pops are cracked circles that are small and develop when a nail pulls away from the drywall. If you notice this it is a clear sign that you may need foundation repair services.

Windows or doors sticking 

If you happen to notice that any windows or doors are getting stuck often, this is a sign that your foundation is settling. If it is difficult to open your doors and windows because they feel strained when you try to move them, give us a call immediately. Foundation Repair Houston services will be affordable and we will fix any of your foundation problems.

Gaps inside the caulking

The windows and doors of your house are sealed with a caulking solution placed around them. If you happen to see any small cracks in the caulking, this could mean that your foundation is settling and shifting. This is something that will need to be taken care of right away so that more shifting does not occur

Gaps in your ceiling or between your home and patio

Are you finding any gaps between the ceiling and the crown molding? Or between the ceiling and walls or even the center of your ceiling? This could be a good sign that you will need to have your foundation repaired. If you see that your outdoor patio is pulling away from your home this could be a very clear indication that your foundation will need to be repaired.

Sinking floors and wrinkles in the wallpaper

If your floors are sinking it may very well be because of a foundation problem. Give us a call immediately if you notice any changes with your floors or if they do not seem even and level. When foundation issues cause your wall to shift it will affect the wallpaper on your home which will cause it to crease and wrinkle. If you notice that the wallpaper on your home is doing this give us a call today so we discuss planning for your foundation repair services.

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The foundation in your home or business needs to be secure to ensure problems do not continue to develop which will lead to costly issues down the road and could be dangerous. If you notice any of the problems mentioned above please call Foundation Repair Houston right away.

We will come and inspect your property and be able to see exactly what is going on with the foundation.

We are skilled professionals who will be able to provide you with the proper services to correct your foundation repair.

We have been helping Houston homeowners and commercial property managers with foundation repairs for many years.

We will offer you the most affordable services that will restore your foundation to new.

We provide our customers with labor guarantees and transparent contracts so you can feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

We can come and inspect your home first and provide you with a detailed quote for all of our work.

Call today and speak with one of our friendly technicians who will be able to set up your appointment for a completely free estimate and consultation.