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Home Remodeling Houston

As a fully registered, licensed, bonded, and insured construction company in Houston we can take care of all home remodeling, construction, makeover, and home repair projects. Big or small, we are your local construction company for home remodeling in Houston, house additions, room or garage conversions, and more. 
If you need the best home repairs, replacements, and new installations, then you need to call Aura. We provide the very best, highest quality Houston home remodeling services. With free estimates to start every project, there truly is no reason to hesitate – Call us now to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE appointment!


Kitchen Remodeling

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Bathroom Remodeling

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Room Additions

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Patio Decks

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Quality Construction Work

Aura Home Remodeling and Construction is here to serve each and one of our customers as a unique and the most important one. We promise to provide high quality services with minimum mess and maximum perfection. Our commitment is to you, our customer, and we will follow all your visions and design requests as you wish. If you are a business owner or manager then you should call us for the best commercial remodeling in Houston.

Exterior remodeled house

Designing a new home can be an exciting process for Houston homeowners and Aura is here to help! Our project managers and full construction team have been helping homeowners with new remodeling and home installation projects for years.

couple embracing in front of new big modern house, outdoor rear view back looking at their dream home

Aura home remodeling in Houston is dedicated to providing our customers with affordable payment and financing plans. We will work within your budget so that you can receive the best services available. At Aura, we can ensure that all of our customers are happy.

Remodeled patio design

For any new construction plans Aura home remodeling in Houston is the company for you. From roofing to electricity and plumbing to custom additions and more we do it all. Our company is loyal and dedicated to our customers with affordable prices and honest quotes.

Bathroom Remodeling Houston

We will fully remodel your bathroom so that it is as large or small as you wish. We can convert any room into a bathroom, turn a standard toilet and sink room into a full master suite, and remodel any room in your home. Need new tiles? We got it covered! From the floor to the ceiling and wall to wall excellence, you NEED Aura Home Remodeling Houston! For the best Houston bathroom remodeling and room conversions to bathrooms, call Aura! We will make sure you receive the most affordable bathroom remodeling and construction in Houston as well as all surrounding areas. You can trust our project planning, accurate free estimates, and long history of successful project completions for all Houston remodeling.


Aura Bathrom Remodeling Houston


Kitchen Remodeling Houston

You deserve the best kitchen ever, with enough counter space to prepare, cook, and serve food, and a kitchen with the proper appliance installations to take care of cleaning, refrigerating, freezing, and cooking. If you need the best kitchen remodeling Houston, you need to call Aura. We provide affordable appliance installations, as well as full remodeling and install services for counter tops, cabinets, Lazy Susans, built in microwaves and stoves, kitchen ventilation, ovens, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and more. You can rely on our licensed Houston construction company for premium bathroom remodeling. There truly is no better option for complete kitchen makeovers and remodeling, or even minor improvement projects!

Beautiful Kitchen Remodel.

Houston Home Additions

We can lay new foundation, construct safe and stable home framing, build new walls, and complete your entire home addition project. We are your local Houston builders, here to fully construct new home additions, handle all remodeling, and even finish both exterior and interior designs. 

If you need a new home addition in Houston, trust Aura Home Remodeling for all your licensed and premium construction needs.


Room addition work in progress

Houston Garage Construction & Conversion

Aura offers the most affordable garage door additions and installations. For any new garage projects our licensed project managers and construction team will be able to remodel your entire garage. We offer the best garage conversion construction in Houston. Need a new room addition in Houston? Call today for your free estimate! 

We can transform your garage into a workshop, office, extra room, or even turn any existing room into a new garage!


Garage Construction Houston


House Painting in Houston

We provide the best Houston house painting services. We can handle full interior and exterior painting, as well as custom paint jobs. Paint restoration, touch ups, or new paint jobs for trim, bannisters, and other intricate parts of your home are no problem for our expert painters. 


Aura Remodeling Home Painter

Pressure Washing Houston

For dirty decks, home siding, walkways, and other parts of your home, pressure washing can do wonders. Completely remove mildew, dirt, dust, mud splatter, pollen, nicotine tar, and more. Our professional Houston pressure washing and power washing services are ideal for many house cleaning projects.




Living Room Remodeling Houston

For any living room expansions and construction work Aura will be able to provide you with the living room of your dreams. We can build new walls, tear down walls to add more space, and redesign your entire living room at an affordable price. We work with our customers directly every step of the way. For any new living room or home remodeling projects Aura is here for you.  


Living Room Remodeling Houston


Houston Bedroom Remodeling

For any bedroom remodeling, Aura is here for you! We can expand your bedroom and resize it or install new fixtures and new designs. For any new bedroom makeovers, Aura is your local and trusted construction company. Want a loft style sleeping area? No problem! We can build new room partitions, bump out a wall to expand a room, construct custom bunks and lofts, or do anything else you want!



Bedroom remodeling and design

Emergency Home Repairs in Houston

If you need immediate home repairs, give us a call. We work with customers and insurance companies all the time to make sure projects start and finish on time. For emergency water damage restoration, or other emergency home repairs, you can trust Aura Home Remodeling! If a tree has fallen into your home? No problem! Flooding? We got it! Any and ALL emergencies can be fully assessed by one of our experienced project managers so you can receive your FREE estimate for Houston home repair and remodeling as soon as possible.




Water Damage Restoration & Remodeling

We are very experienced with dealing with water leaks, flooding, and other water damage repairs. We will fully restore your Houston home water damage. Aura carpet cleaning and replacement services, flooring replacement and installation, full remodeling services, and our company-wide efforts will make sure your home is fully taken care of. We are accustomed to dealing with both planned remodeling and restoration projects as well as emergency water damage restoration and home remodeling. If we need to collaborate with your insurance company or lender, that is no problem. We are more than equipped to take care of all home remodeling and water damage restoration projects.



Water Damage Restoration & Remodeling

House Framing Reinforcement

If your house has been damaged from storms, wind, or other problems then it might be time to reinforce your house’s structure. We can make your existing home framing stronger and reinforce critical support beams and load bearing walls. If you are noticing issues such as the house “swaying” in the wind, walls incorrectly lined up with your floor, dips in the floor or a sinking foundation, then you definitely need our help. All of these problems can become much worse over time. We provide the best house framing construction in Houston and reinforcements for existing framing that is older or weakened.
House Framing

Home Generator Installation in Houston

Are you out of power or worried about future storms? You can protect your home from sudden electrical loss by installing a new generator. If you rely on electricity for work or general living, you should really consider a new generator installation for your Houston home. Families with an elder or another person that relies on a breathing machine, a sleep apnea assistance, or another critical device should definitely give us a call for a free estimate for Houston home generator installation.

Houston Electrical Rewiring

If your home electric has shorted out, stopped working, or caused a safety hazard then you can trust us to take care of it. We can completely rewire your whole home or any part of your house that is not receiving electricity consistently or safely. Want new outlet plugs? We can install new outlets in Houston homes all day without an issue! Need a new washer and dryer hookup, a better location for your cable box and TV, or another wiring change? Aura Home Remodeling is here to handle all of your rewiring needs, especially during an emergency. 


Houston Electrical Rewiring

Home Builders Houston

We provide the best home building construction in Houston, with services to handle new foundations and foundation repair in Houston, home construction framing, exterior and interior walls, flooring, ceilings, home HVAC systems, and more. We will start and finish your entire home addition or remodeling project. For the best Houston home remodeling, call Aura! There is nothing we cannot handle. From garage door installations to minor paint jobs, we are here to help you with your home remodeling or improvement project. We are a full-service company with professionals from multiple industries. If it must be done, it WILL be done! From start to finish, you will learn why so many homeowners choose Aura for Houston home remodeling and construction.

Whether it’s new construction or an older home, we will make sure you can enjoy the home you deserve. We provide the best home remodeling services. You can trust Aura Bathroom Remodeling Houston services, as well as Aura Kitchen Remodeling Houston to completely reinvent how you, your family, and your guests feel in your house. That is just two ways to improve your house, but of course we offer so much more! Houston homeowners deserve the very best interior design, exterior construction, and home remodeling. Call us today!



Houston Home Builders

What We Do

Aura Home Remodeling and Construction. is your #1 and only stop for all your home improvement, remodeling, construction and repair needs. We specialize in: Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions, roofing, general remodeling, new construction, backyards and patios and more.

How We Do It

We are a complete home remodeling and construction company. Out contractors manage every project to the minor detail and from the drawings and designs to permits and building and all the way to the finish of painting and coating. Making sure everything is done right and clean to the very detail.


We believe that our general contractors are your best choice when it comes to home remodeling, home improvement and construction services, and there are many reasons for that. Our general contractors know the job from a-to-z, they know to listen closely to your needs and desires and will act properly. We will handle it all for you!

Latest Projects

Here is just a small pick on some of our latest projects. The homeowners are pleased and satisfied with the results and we take the pride. Customer satisfaction and excellent quality are our main goals, we listen to your needs and make them happen.


Benefits of Home Remodeling Houston

Home remodeling projects offer so many benefits to Houston homeowners! We can reshape the size of any room, provide expansions to increase the size of your room, or completely convert your space into something entirely different! We can add decks or patios, additional floors, walls, roofing, garage door installations- we do it all! Not only can new home remodeling raise the value of your home but updating outdated looks and renovating spaces can completely transform a house.

New home renovation and remodeling in Houston is a great way to increase the value of your home because it will completely satisfy new homebuyers and market expectations. Even a small remodeling project can revamp your house to earn you more money on any sale or rental agreement. You will be surprised at how much your home value can improve, so give us a call for affordable home remodeling in Houston! Keep reading to learn more how you can enjoy the many benefits of a new home remodeling project.


Increase Houston Home Property Value

With a fresh, new, slick kitchen or remodeled bathrooms, your home value can skyrocket. New tile flooring, carpeting, and other affordable home improvements can be installed quickly and easily. Our professional home remodeling experts are equipped to start and finish a variety of home remodeling ideas. One of our most popular services is our long-time favorite Aura Kitchen Remodeling Houston. We’ll make sure your kitchen is not only practical, but fun and enjoyable to cook and eat in! There are many things to consider before you start your home remodeling project. Perhaps you have an old appliance such as a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, dishwasher, dryer, or washing machine. All of these things can be expensive to replace, but the value of your home will rise tremendously with new appliances included in a home purchase. Even if you only replace older machines, you will clearly see improvements in your house – from general living and comfort to any future appraisal.

Bathroom Remodeling Houston by Aura is fantastic home remodeling service and a great way to increase your Houston home property value. New toilets, sinks, and stone counters with great mirror placements can really give off that “wow factor” to guests, family members, and of course, future home buyers or renters. A nice bathroom can be the difference between a great level of comfort and discomfort. If your bathrooms are old, gross, boring, or outdated then you should seriously consider our affordable Houston bathroom remodeling. We’re your trusted, local construction and remodeling company in all of Greater Houston.

Improved Comfort & Living

Home improvements can help you experience complete comfort in your living spaces. Aura in Houston is ready to provide you with affordable, top quality looks. We are your leading construction company here in Houston so give us a call today!


Lower Home Energy Costs in Houston

Aura in Houston is here to help homeowners lower monthly energy bills by installing efficient insulation and making sure all aspects of your home are functioning properly. For any home remodeling projects Aura can ensure all units are installed with precision and care.

Designing Your Dream


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