Garage Conversion Construction in Houston

Garage remodeling and conversions are a no brainer! An in-law or guest suite, or another living area can be a great addition to your home. If you convert your garage to a newly remodeled bedroom, office, or other type of room then you can really enjoy the increased space. We specialize in remodeling houses in Houston, TX as well as surrounding areas. If you do not use the space for any vehicles then perhaps you can put the garage to better use. A workshop can be a great idea if you want to go for a more affordable garage conversion that allows you to have your own work stations and storage spaces. Whether you need to remodel an existing garage or build a new one, Aura Home Remodeling and Construction is here to help!

There are many ways to change the look and feel of your garage. You can paint walls, the ceiling, or even the floor if you wish. However, these cosmetic changes won’t change the livability of the area. It’s important to make sure your garage conversion includes the proper insulation and other upgrades to ensure the garage doesn’t ever get too hot or too cold. It is a good idea to think about HVAC and insulation so that there is good airflow, no condensation or too much moisture, and a clean, enjoyable environment. Home garage conversion is so worth it, but you need professional contractors to do the job right.

You may want to consider putting down carpet if you want to give the garage a more comfortable vibe. Carpeting installation is a great way to instantly make sure the space looks like another room in your home rather than a cold, standard garage. Changing the colors to avoid the all too common gray concrete look is a wonderful way to spruce up the garage and make it more lively.

Garage remodeling and converting for apartments is very popular, and there’s so many reasons to start a project like this. For one, square footage improvements are an incredible perk. Whether it’s to sell the property or simply live with more space, you’ll love your Houston home garage conversion. If you’re still unsure, read this article outlining the many benefits of converting your garage.

You do not have to remove the garage doors for your remodeling conversion project. Many homeowners choose to have the doors removed and replaced with walls, but it’s totally optional. There are some benefits to doing so though. For one, you can have better insulation, cooling, and heating without a garage door which unfortunately has more drafts and inefficient climate control. However, you can do things to decrease the effect of a garage door such as using insulation padding on the door itself, or even keeping the door closed year round with fillers for the edges and gaps so air can’t get in. There are plenty of options for homeowners wanting to remodel the garage without having to remove the door completely. This will help lower the overall cost.

Garage construction for properties without one is a great way to increase the value of the home. Having a one, two, or even three door garage will make sure any vehicles you have can stay safe. It’s better to keep a car, truck, tractor, or other equipment out of the rain, sun, snow, and other stormy elements. This will increase the lifespan of the vehicle and also may lead to a lower insurance rate if your company knows the vehicles are safe and dry in your garage. If you don’t have a garage and are considering an addition, you should give us a call.

We can give you a free estimate for any garage construction in Houston. We’ll include all the costs of materials, labor, and can help you design the perfect garage. Need a guest suite or apartment above the garage? No problem! Aura Home Remodeling can build the garage of your dreams!