Bathroom Remodeling with free standing bath tub

Great Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Homeowners thinking about starting a bathroom remodeling project do so for many reasons. The value that a new, modern bathroom can bring comes in many forms. A remodeled bathroom can make your house more comfortable, and improve your life. If you are selling your house then you may be able to sell your home more quickly if the bathrooms have been redone. There are so many great bathroom remodeling ideas for everything from small designs to major renovations, remodels, or additions.

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Some bathrooms are simply designed poorly. Sometimes things are too close together, or a counter is a bit too large or small, or there’s another problem. Bathroom layout design is critical, and often overlooked. Have you sat a toilet during a home tour? Have you gotten into the bathtub or shower? These are important tests for anyone looking to buy or rent a house. Having a remodeled bathroom that has a practical design is a great way to revamp your house!

A vanity in your bathroom is an easy upgrade, it can be done very affordably, and it will certainly make good use of the space. Any time there is unused space beneath, above, or to the side of a fixture or other install, it’s a good idea to try to utilize the area for storage or other bathroom needs.

Bathroom flooring is a great way to give the area a whole new look. It is important to use materials and styles that can help make the room feel more spacious. Plenty of designs can be appeasing to the eye, while still being affordable too! One major upgrade for a bathroom remodel is heated. This can be wonderful for keeping the family’s toes and feet warm on a winter’s morning. While it may not be as popular for Houston bathroom remodeling projects, there is an increasing demand for updates such as heated floors. We can help with your bathroom flooring replacement.

A brand new shower or bathtub is a fantastic way to really improve your bathroom. There are so many reasons to replace tubs and showers, including wanting something larger, perhaps a more child or elderly friendly installation, or simply wanting to modernize. We can even install an in-house jacuzzi so you can really enjoy bath time!

Other than specific installations, something to consider is fixtures and general design choices. We have found that a bathroom can become a beautiful oasis with some key choices for materials. Stone is becoming more popular, along with stone-like tiling that is not very expensive. Glass, ceramic, and other materials can always help make your bathroom space truly unique.

If you need to make a bathroom larger, an extension of the house may be needed, or another part of the floor plan must change. Walls can be bumped out or removed in some cases, allowing us to recreate your bathroom with the additional square footage. Similarly, a very large bathroom can be made smaller by building new, complete walls, or using partial privacy walls. This is a great way to give a bathroom His and Her areas while still remaining as one joint, shared bathroom space.

We can show you every option for flooring, vanities, counters, new showers, tubs, and much more for your upcoming bathroom remodeling project. Our company is based in Houston. We help homeowners budget, design, and completely remodel their houses. We’ll be absolutely thrilled to provide you with a free estimate. Bathroom remodeling is very important to us and has been throughout our history of helping homeowners like you.