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For any window installations, replacements and repairs give Aura Home Remodeling a call. We will make sure your window is correctly installed and working efficiently and effectively for your Miami home. It is important that your windows are installed correctly and that they shut and open properly. Aura’s Window Replacement Miami services are affordable, and the top choice of homeowners in and around the Greater Miami, Florida area. If not, this could be detrimental to your monthly energy bill. Give us a call today and we will be able to help you with any questions and set up an appointment to provide you with the most affordable services.

Affordable Window Replacement Miami Services

There are many signs that will let you know it may be time to have your windows replaced. If you are hearing a lot of sound coming from the outdoors this could indicate that your windows are not sealed correctly or were poorly made. New double or triple-pane glass windows can help decrease the outside noise which is extremely beneficial to anyone living in a noisy or busy neighborhood. If you feel a draft in your home even when your windows are closed or if you feel any kind of breeze this could mean your windows have not been installed correctly or they may have faulty seals. If you have a draft coming through your home this could affect the temperature in your home and cause your HVAC system to work harder to cool or heat your home. If you notice any condensation is building up or if your frames are chipped, soft, or water damaged give Aura a call. Window frames that are soft can likely indicate rot and water infiltration. This will cause your windows to begin to sag and deteriorate. 

If you have difficulty opening, closing, or locking your windows there’s a good chance they were not properly installed. Windows that have not been correctly installed could lead them to have balance issues which can make them difficult to open or close. We will make sure you get the best window replacement in Miami, and up to code. It is very important that the proper regulations are followed.  If you have windows that are rotting or rusting they will also be dangerous to use. If your windows don’t close correctly the safety of your home will be impacted. If there is any frost showing up between the layers of glass then your seals have failed and have allowed moisture to enter. Once the seals have failed, you are likely to get cracks which will allow additional areas for air to leak in and out of your home.


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For any new window installations, repairs, and replacement services give Aura Home Remodeling a call today. No matter where your window is located, we will be able to restore it back to new. Don’t run the risk of faulty windows. This could lead to extra monthly energy costs and potential break in’s to your home. Call today and we can schedule your completely free estimate for any window replacement services. Don’t wait- Call today!

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