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You can trust the professionals at Aura Home Remodeling! We provide trusted, reliable window replacement services in Katy, Texas and all surrounding areas. For the best window replacement Katy homeowners can truly rely on, give Aura a call!

Window replacement in Katy is our specialty. We offer very affordable window services for removal, installation, and replacements. Whether you need new window framing and openings, window remodeling, or basic window replacement, Aura is here to help. You can trust our technicians to get the job done right. Aura Window Replacement Katy is 100% devoted to making sure every customer will choose us again next time for all window replacements. Call now to schedule your FREE consultation and estimate.

Katy Window Replacements

Aura Window Replacement Katy is here to make sure you receive the very best window services. If you are looking for affordable window removal and window replacement in Katy, Texas then you have come to the right place! We are 100% dedicated to making sure you are completely happy with your new window replacements. We can handle framing, paint touch ups, trim repair, and more.

It doesn’t matter how large your windows are or what shape they are. Aura can make sure you receive the best window replacements, whether they are a 1 to 1 style match or a brand new window installation design. We can help you choose between all the various options. For the best window replacement Katy homeowners can trust, call Aura Home Remodeling! Schedule your free estimate now!

Bay and bow window replacements may require custom carpentry or other unique installations. Bay & bow windows combine 3 or more window panels to create a a half-hexagonal or half-octagonal shape for the window area. This allows light to enter the home from different angles, maximizing all various times of the day. 

We can alter the type of window during your replacement. We have years of experience installing and replacing windows of all variations. Single hinge windows, sliding window replacements, and all other window work is no problem for us! Our technicians will take care of your time and time again.

Window replacement is best left to the professionals. Misalignment problems are common when homeowners try to install a window themselves or replace glass panes. The proper wood compound and sealants must be used to create an airtight seal. You definitely do not want any drafts entering the home. Energy efficiency is very important, and window replacements are key to maximizing the energy you use in your home. Any air leaks will cause your heating or cooling bills to rise month after month.

It’s important to take precise measurements when replacing any window. The glass panes must be exactly the right size to slot into each pane area. Whether you have a sliding glass window, a window with multiple smaller panes, or any other type of window, you have to be sure the glass is handled with care.

You may want to consider tinted windows to keep your home cooler. The sun light that enters your home will force you to use more air conditioning during the hot months we experience here in Katy, Texas. You can ask our professionals for the best advice. Aura Window Replacement Katy should be your first call for a free estimate!

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