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We pride ourselves in being a professional home remodeling and construction company in Houston, Texas. We provide remodeling services for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices and commercial spaces, patios, roofing, flooring, foundations, and more.

Room Additions Katy

Aura Home Remodeling builds and remodels room additions in Katy, Texas. We are a trusted company for room additions, expansions, bumping out walls, and similar remodeling or construction projects. We will make sure your new room addition is to the exact specifications of your plans and give special attention to ensuring your home remodeling project is up to code, within local or co-op rules and approval specifications, and exactly how you like. We are a licensed construction company in Katy, helping homeowners with room additions and other home construction and remodeling.

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Aura Home Remodeling Cypress

We provide professional home remodeling services in Cypress, Texas. Homeowners trust us to build or remodel bathrooms, kitchens, offices, bedrooms, living rooms, garages, and more. We can help you design, plan, and finish your dream home! We offer complete remodeling and deliver high quality results!
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Free Estimates / Quotes

We provide free estimates for all Houston home remodeling. If you live in the city or a nearby area, we’ll travel to your house to provide you with a comprehensive quote for all required services. We are your local, best one stop shop for all home remodeling, construction, and other renovation or upgrade projects.


It is important that your new room addition has a proper foundation so that it can withstand storms, flooding, wind, and other forces that would otherwise lead to the structure toppling down. Your foundation must be compact, correct in dimensions and specifications, and up to code with building regulations. The foundation should be custom tailored to your property so that it will last for many years.

Supports & Framing

Your new addition needs proper supports and structural reinforcements to make sure the new build is up to par with modern standards. Even if you have an older home, our company is dedicated to making sure any new construction or remodeling project involves the best practices for safety and ensuring your home can last for many years. Your new room addition for your Katy home must be properly planned so that the frame and supports can go up in a timely manner without changes later.

Walls, Weatherproofing, and Insulation

Our Katy home remodeling and construction company will make sure that your new room addition has the proper interior insulation, weather proofing materials, and other linings that will protect your house’s new expansion. It is very important to make sure that the new room construction includes all of these important aspects to avoid leaks, drafts, inefficient energy use, and other problems associated with improper wall construction.

Exterior / Interior Design

We can handle the paneling for the outside of your home with any material of your choosing. Your new room addition will look just like the rest of your house, or with whatever design specifications you would like. We are the trusted remodeling company in Katy for new room additions and home expansions, so you should know we can handle every stage of the process. Whether it’s construction or painting, Aura professionals will be there to take care of you. Our interior designers will be happy to handle the fine details of your new room so it is comfortable, beautiful, and matches the style of your existing home or new design.

Free Estimates for Home Room Additions in Katy

Just give us a call and an Aura Room Additions professional in Katy will help you schedule your appointment. One of our experienced project managers will visit your property in Katy to consult with you about your project. We’ll understand your entire project by the end of our first meeting so that we can provide you with a completely free estimate to take care of it all for you. We are a full-service company that can handle every stage of the project for your new room addition and home remodeling in Katy.


Aura Home Remodeling

Check out some of the first work we completed in the video below! We have focused on quality since the start. Aura Home Remodeling and Construction provides high quality contractor work for homeowners, property developers, managers, and commercial property owners.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are taking extreme precautions to protect our customers, workers and the local community.

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Should I Remodel My Home?

A lot of homeowners see the benefits of remodeling their house. Besides beauty, comfort, and the best living, there are other improvements too! For example, the value of your house may raise with a newly remodeled room, addition, or other update. This allows you to rent or sell your house for more money, or just enjoy your better quality of living in the meantime!
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Professional Home Remodeling

It is extremely important that you choose to work with a company that uses high quality materials and the best standards for designs, building, and remodeling services. At Aura Home Remodeling, we are very happy to provide an extremely high level of service from the start to finish of each project.

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