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You can reach out to Aura Roofing Services Grand Prairie professionals TODAY if you need any type of service for your roof. If you need roof installations, roof replacement, repairs, or removals, we are equipped to handle it all for both commercial and residential property owners. We are a distinguished company with fantastic customer service. The company was founded on three main principles; quality, communication, customer satisfaction, and workmanship. Our employees are always up to date on any modern roofing techniques and any building codes. This allows us to guarantee the quality of work that is delivered, beyond the industry standards. We also take great pride in the timely completion of all projects that are assigned to us. Our professional estimators are hired for their integrity, professionalism, experience, and their overall ability to help customers handle roofing insurance claims, granting them the fairest claim possible.

We are fully BONDED & INSURED! We provide labor guarantees, comprehensive contracts, and incredible service.

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You can trust Aura to make sure your roof is beautiful, comfortable, and better than anything you can expect from any other company.


Choosing a New Roof

Many people do not have to put a whole lot of thought into their roofing, unless there is an immediate problem like a leak. Unlike the walls, floors, plumbing, air conditioner, or electrical devices, home owners don’t interact with their roof very often, if at all. Over time, the roof will degrade just like anything else, especially with the outdoor elements always changing. However, we all know the saying about “keeping a roof over our heads” so it makes sense to make sure the roof of your home is in the best condition possible to keep you sheltered. Call Aura Roofing Services Grand Prairie for a FREE estimate & consultation appointment! If you are in need of a new roof, there are multiple decisions to make when picking the right roof for the job, and it is important you make the right one before any work can begin.

There are so many options for your new roofing. Common choices for residential roofing include…


Slate is a material that has the potential to last an extremely long time. This durability comes at a cost, though, for slate is one of the more expensive roofing options. Because of the high cost of slate, it is somewhat rare to see a slate roof. There are, however, slate imitations that exist made out of rubber and plastic. These imitations certainly have the look of slate and are decently strong, but do not last anywhere as long as the real deal.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are by far the most common form of roofing that gets used in housing construction projects today. Asphalt shingles have two main advantages that make them so common: variability and affordability. A roof made entirely of asphalt shingles can come in a wide variety of colors and can look like other materials like slate or wood at a mere fraction of the price of those materials. They definitely are not the most appealing roofing option, but they get the job done at one of the best prices available which makes them a hot seller.


Wood is considered a classic choice, reasonably so. A well-made wooden roof can be a sturdy roof that lasts quite some time. Common types of wood that are used for roofing include but are not limited to: redwood, cedar, and southern pine. Wooden roofing materials can come in two forms, shakes and shingles. The difference between these being that the shingles are smooth and uniform objects while the shakes have a more rustic appearance and quality to them. One of the downsides to a wooden roof is their price point does not make them the most affordable option. Another major downside is the fact that wood burns. There are many restrictions now with the use of wood in roofing projects because of the fire hazard it can present.


A Mediterranean-style roof constructed with highly colorful ceramic tiles is a vision many homeowners dream of. Ceramic tiles offer many practical benefits as a roofing option because they are extremely long lasting and resistant to damage from water and ice. However, the downside to ceramic roof tiles are it required a highly skilled laborer to install them which comes with a very steep price point. In fact, this makes ceramic tile the most expensive roofing option on average. Some people accept the steep price point though because of how strong and trustworthy ceramic tiles can be.


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