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Your home is the ultimate expression of self and taste. Many people are remodeling their homes to bring them closer to what their dream home is, and you should too! Whether you’re looking for a new patio, room expansion, or just need a kitchen makeover, we’ve got you covered! Been thinking about adding to your pool? Now’s a great time to have it done! If you’ve been stressing over the details, or not sure where to start, just pick up the phone and call Aura Home Remodeling Richmond today!

Expressing yourself through the design of your home is the ultimate in luxury and the key to happiness. There’s no reason you should ever feel stuck with the way your home is laid out now. That’s right, those closets that are too small, and the room you want to get rid of to make another larger, can absolutely happen! No matter the job size, big or small, Aura Home Remodeling Richmond has the expertise, friendly professionals, and the experience to make sure you get the best.

We are fully BONDED & INSURED! We provide labor guarantees, comprehensive contracts, and incredible service.

Exterior remodeled house
Remodeled patio design

You can trust Aura to make sure your home is beautiful, comfortable, and better than anything you can expect from any other company.

Living in your dream home is much easier than you think. Your existing home has so much potential that you may well find yourself excited about what we can do for you. Convinced you are “stuck” with what you have now? Let our pros come out and show you what we’ve done over the years and how we can put those ideas to work for you, today!

Thinking about a pool, or just want yours to be looks like a luxury hotel? Let’s bring the resort to you! With excellent seating arrangements and the perfect balance of nature and modern construction, you can be sure to have the best pool in town. With a covered patio by your pool, you can escape the heat of the mid-day sun and relax in style.

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Get in touch today to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE appointment and benefit from a consultation with one of our professional construction managers and experienced appraisers. We will make sure to accurately estimate the total cost of your project(s) and provide you with a lot of information about our company, our various services, and how we can specifically help YOU with your home remodeling project!

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