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Are you tired of cancelling gatherings because of unforseen weather? Or the sun draining the vibrancy of your outdoor furniture? Then a patio cover is right for you! Aura Home Remodeling Sugar Land will build a patio cover so you can make more memories with friends and family! There are many exciting reasons for installing a patio cover. Opportunity’s knocking, will you answer?


There’s nothing like a beautiful patio cover to complete your back yard ensemble. We all have different tastes and styles, but you’ll be sure to find the exact one you want at Aura Home Remodeling Sugar Land. The one of your dreams, the one that fits your tastes, the one that your friends and family will be jealous of. Why not join thousands of happy homeowners across Texas, many of them in Sugar Land, and choose Aura Home Remodeling Sugar Land today? You can get your free estimate just by calling us!


What about other enhancements to your back yard, could a custom patio cover bring? You can definitely expand the size of your patio, for starters. This means more space for growing plants outside, more room for loved ones in the event of the unexpected, not to mention it will boost the value of your home and make it more tasteful. The friendly experts at Aura Home Remodeling Sugar Land certainly understand this and bring their many years of experience installing patio covers to your home, for a gorgeous patio cover sure to bring you years of great memories!


There are many varieties of patio covers. From lattice, to vinyl, wood, aluminum, cloth, and beyond, it doesn’t matter what you are dreaming about, Aura Home Remodeling Sugar Land has your needs and desires covered! With a brand new patio cover, you will be the envy of your family and friends and they will want to visit you every chance they get.


Let’s consider the cost savings. For one, your outdoor furniture will be protected from rain. Because the furniture will last longer, this means that your belongings are protected. It will also help shield it from sun damage, dust blown by the wind, not to mention you will even be able to install a TV outside if you wanted to. Your first steps to living in convenience are with your new patio cover!


So forget about cancelling gatherings, no more shortages on space, and be the talk of the town! The right patio cover can really change the outlook on your planned parties! Aura Home Remodeling Sugar Land offers a step-by-step, guided approach to patio cover installation. This takes all the stress of planning and installing away from you. After all, you deserve the best. Home ownership is a momentous occasion to celebrate, and you should do it as often as you can under a luxurious covered patio!


Full Patio Cover Replacement in Sugar Land

If your patio cover is old, damaged, or completely destroyed then you may be considering patio cover replacement services. Our professionals are capable of assessing your patio cover damage to help you decide whether a full replacement is needed or if repairs are acceptable. We are an honest company that will always give you the best advice. We can work with a variety of budgets and we understand that not every can afford a brand new patio cover. If repairs are possible, we will happily make sure your patio cover is stable, safe, and ready to use. In the case that repairs are not possible whatsoever we will make sure you understand the situation fully, so that you can clearly see why our expert technician is informing you that your cover cannot be reasonably repaired to our high, safe standards.


Affordable Patio Cover Repair in Sugar Land

We can fully repair your patio cover to fix damage from storms, accidents, poor installation, or other problems that affect your patio cover. We can fix any part of the patio cover, from the actual supports to the roof. If you need local, Humble patio cover repair then you’ve come to the right place. Our technicians are extremely experienced and will make sure your patio cover is fully taken care of.

If your patio cover is weakened or in danger of collapse, we can repair it. Our workers can quickly reinforce the patio cover so it can withstand more wind and remain stable through frequent use, accidents, and other circumstances that may otherwise cause the cover to collapse or become damaged.


Free Estimate for Sugar Land Patio Cover Installation & Replacement

We can provide you with a free estimate for your patio cover replacement or repairs. You will be in good hands from your first phone call to our company all the way through the duration of your patio improvement project or repairs. Our professional technicians and front office will coordinate to ensure we arrive on time and always provide you with the best information regarding our services and your appointment(s). 

Simply give us a call to speak with one of our professionals and we will be sure to schedule your appointment so we can perform a full inspection of your patio. We will provide you with an official estimate, for absolutely no cost at all. That’s right, we’ll come to your Sugar Land home for FREE to let you know everything you need to either replace your existing patio cover or for repairs.


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