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Patio Covers Jersey Village

Are you tired of cancelling events because of bad weather? Or the sun depleting the colors of your outdoor furniture? Then a patio cover is right for you! Aura Home Remodeling Jersey Village will install a patio cover so you can enjoy more gatherings with friends and family! There are many good reasons for installing a patio cover with patio cover installations Jersey village. 

Let’s consider the cost savings. For one, your outdoor furniture will be protected from sunlight, that destroys the coloring. Because the furniture will last longer, this means that your investments are protected. It will also help shield it from moisture damage, dust blown by the wind, not to mention you will even be able to install a TV outside if you wanted to. Aura meets or beats the standard level of recommended construction practices set fourth by the State of texas. See their standards By visiting here

What about other enhancements to your back yard, could a patio cover bring? This can definitely expand the size of your patio. This means more space for growing plants outside, more space for guests in the event of bad weather, not to mention it will increase the value of your home and make it more beautiful. The friendly professionals at Aura Home Remodeling Jersey Village certainly understand this and bring their years of experience installing patio covers to your home, for a stunning patio cover sure to bring you years of happiness!

So forget about cancelling events, no more compromising on space, and be the talk of everyone that you know! An elegant patio cover can really change the outlook on your planned gatherings! Aura Home Remodeling Jersey Village offers a step-by-step, guided approach to patio cover installation. This takes all the stress of planning and installing away from you. After all, you deserve the best. Home ownership is a momentous occasion to celebrate, and you should do it as often as you can under a covered patio!


 Full Patio Cover Replacement with patio cover installations jersey village

If your patio cover is old, broken, or ineffective throughout storms and other weather conditions, then you need to consider a full replacement. We provide affordable patio cover replacement in Jersey Village, so give us a call!

 Affordable Patio Cover Repair

If replacement is not needed, we can fully repair your existing patio cover. Whether the top is glass, metal, plastic, wood, tarp, or something else, we will be able to fix it! We can even replace specific components if needed while fixing the rest.


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