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Pools & Patios in Humble

Patio and Pools humble

If you are looking to have a pool installed at your residential home in Humble, we are the right company for you! Our trusted and local experts are professionals who will offer you sound advice, and be able to provide you with the pool of your dreams. 

The first step of your new pool installation is obviously to dig a hole to your desired specifications. It is very important to make sure we do not dig through any pipes, underground wiring, or affect anything else. When the pool is dug, there is a lot we must do to prevent the surrounding soil from affecting the pool’s structure, much like home construction requires a well-planned foundation. 

If you are interested in adding a new pool to your property or pool remodeling, we will be able to take care of your every need. There are many accessories that can be added to a pool. Keep reading to learn more…

 Tiling and Decorations

Allow an Aura professional to help you choose your favorite tile designs for your new pool installation, or enlist our help in replacing your existing tiles. If you are only missing a few tiles and need repair, we can find an exact tile match or something that looks near identical for fancier, more decorative tiling.


 Diving Boards, Slides, and Pool Additions

There are many things that can be added to your pool for your Humble home. We can add a new ladder, ramp, or steps to your pool for easy in and out access. We are able to make your pool handicapped accessible. We can install a wheelchair lift, to help the elderly or disabled in and out of your pool. Similarly, we can construct a small ramp or alter the decline of your pool (if it is empty and able to be worked on) to make it easier for waterproof wheelchairs to be rolled into the pool.

Aura meets or beats the standard level of recommended construction practices set fourth by the State of texas. See their standards By visiting here 

 Pool Repair in Humble

If you have a leak that needs to be repaired, we will use a powerful sealant that will be able to fill in any cracks. We can also provide you with any new tiles or and ladders that you would like to have replaced.


 Sealing Your Pool

It is also very important to completely seal the pool so that chlorinated water cannot leak into the ground, and so that exterior liquids cannot get into the pool. Making sure you have proper pool insulation is also very important. Insulation will regulate the temperature of the water in your pool. Proper insulation can reduce heat loss by up to 80%! If you need pool insulation or sealant repair or new installation services, then Aura Home Remodeling should be your first call!



New Patio Construction in Humble, TX

We are the number one company for new patio installations in Humble. If you need an in-ground patio, above-ground patio, or even a deck-style raised patio, then Aura Home Remodeling should be your first call. Our professional construction workers and remodeling experts can design and build your patio however you choose. Our workers come from a variety of industries, including carpentry, masonry, welding, and more. We can even handle outdoor speaker installations with all the new wiring too! No matter how simple or extravagant your new patio will be, Aura is the trusted company for your new home patio in Humble.


Patio Repair for Humble Homeowners

We also specialize in patio repairs. We can replace any old, rotted or damaged wood and handle any masonry repair. We can also bring your patio up to date to meet any law or regulation codes. Call us here in Humble for any new foundation or supports, or patio cover replacements and repairs.


Patio Replacement

If you need to replace your entire patio or part of it, give Aura Home Remodeling a call to schedule your free estimate. Our experienced project managers visit homes all the time for remodeling and improvement projects. We would be happy to help you replace your patio tiles, border/trim, or any other part of it.


Patio Covers

Patio covers are perfect for keeping out the hot sun, rain, and improving the look and feel of your patio or pool area. Enjoy the spring, summer, and fall under your beautiful, new or remodeled patio cover. If you need to repair your existing patio cover because of cracks, imbalance, or other worse issues then look no further than your local patio repair company in Humble. Aura is here to make sure your home patio installation is perfect.

Let’s work together

We are here to make your visions a reality. Any project you have on your mind, our general contractors are here to fulfill it and make it a perfectly completed project. Contact us today for your Free on-site quote.

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