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Our painting services are trusted by homeowners across the state, especially in Duncanville where we have operated for many years. You can count on us to provide affordable home painting services for both interior painting and exterior paint coats! No matter what, you can depend on our professional painters in Duncanville, Texas to get the job done right. We always make sure to use the best tools for the job, at the greatest prices. You surely won’t be disappointed by the time we are done. No matter what style, color, or type of paint you need – Call Aura Home Remodeling for incredible painting services Duncanville homeowners can trust! 

It is imperative to choose the right painters in Duncanville for your project. You do not want someone who is sloppy with their paint. This leads to splatter on the floor, paint on glass window panes, and other problems. Unlike inexperienced laborers, our company provides premium services at a fraction of the normal cost. Our professional painters work tirelessly to ensure every home paint service is done beautifully.


Home Exterior Painting in Duncanville, TX

Painting the outside of your home is a great idea for changing how neighbors, guests, and you see your home as you arrive. The color of your house is easily the most important part of anyone’s first impression. You want to make sure your home siding is the right color! We can paint home exteriors and more. Aura Painting Services Duncanville offers affordable door paint coats, deck painting, siding painting, and other great painting for other parts of your house.


Duncanville Interior Painting Services

We can touch up any part of your house, whether it’s small paint jobs for banisters, trim, stairs, windows, or much larger painting requirements. We’re proud of our affordable paint services in Duncanville and happy to help any homeowner. You can give us a call any time to rejuvenate your home interior with fresh coats of paint. We offer the best bedroom painting deals, and other fantastic pricing for whole room paint jobs and more. Need the whole home interior painted? No problem! Call Aura Home Remodeling for your FREE estimate.


Wall Painting

Indoor wall painting in Duncanville, TX couldn’t be easier! Don’t wait – you can have a fresh new coat of paint in any or all of your rooms this week! There’s no denying that paint jobs can really bring a home to life. Whether you need to darken or brighten up a room, our painting services will surely make your house feel more comfortable and in style with your preferences. No matter how intricate the designs are or simple, you can trust Aura’s Painting Services in Duncanville to get the job done! 

Type of Paint

The type of paint used in your home will vary depending on the room. For example, water resistant paints are great for bathrooms, mud rooms, kitchens, and other places. You definitely do not want to use certain types of paints where you know the surface will suffer from water or other liquids. This is the same for finishing coats, for both inside painting and outdoor paint jobs. We have years of experience painting in Duncanville with all types of paint. 

Let’s work together

Get in touch today to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE appointment and benefit from a consultation with one of our professional construction managers and experienced appraisers. We will make sure to accurately estimate the total cost of your project(s) and provide you with a lot of information about our company, our various services, and how we can specifically help YOU with your home remodeling project!

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