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Outdoor Kitchen Katy

Aura Home Remodeling and Construction experts are your full-service company for any new home remodeling or improvement projects. If you have been thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen to your Katy home, we are the company for you! We have experts in all fields such as plumbing, electrical, woodwork, flooring, appliances installation, and more. We will make sure your kitchen looks stunning and is practical for your outdoor living space. We guarantee to leave you completely satisfied with our work. We complete our projects on time and always remain within your budget. Our professionals are all licensed and insured with years of experience. We will make sure everything is installed correctly and functioning correctly. We are your outdoor kitchen Katy industry experts! Give us a call today.

 Bars and Grills 

We can install a bar for your outdoor kitchen that will add perfect additional seating and countertop space where you can enjoy your favorite drinks and meals. Our outdoor kitchen Katy experts will be able to install any size bar that will be the perfect shape and style for your outdoor kitchen. We can also install any portable, permanent in-ground, or two-sided grill where you can cook delicious meals with friends and family. 

Countertops and Cabinets 

Our outdoor kitchen Katy professionals will be able to install any new countertops and cabinets. We have years of experience in outdoor kitchen remodeling projects, and can help you choose from a variety of materials that will work great for your home. Our professionals will carefully install any cabinets and countertops for your outdoor kitchen with precision and care. We will make sure you are completely satisfied with our services. 

Pizza ovens and Smokers

Pizza ovens are a fun way to cook your favorite homemade flatbreads and other delicious treats. We can install a built-in pizza oven or portable oven that will be an excellent addition to your kitchen. Need a smoker installed? Our professionals can install a new smoker where you can bring out mouth-watering flavors from your favorite meats and foods. Take full advantage of your outdoor kitchen with a new smoker or pizza oven.

Outdoor Refrigerators and Sinks 

We can install a refrigerator for your outdoor kitchen that will be convenient for storing food and beverages. We will make sure everything is connected properly and working efficiently and effectively. Our experts will be able to install any sinks, garbage disposals, and other fixtures for your kitchen. Our plumbing professionals will make sure all pipes are delivering water with no leaks or other issues. 

Outdoor Kitchen

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For any of your outdoor kitchen remodeling and installation services, our outdoor kitchen Katy experts will make sure you are thrilled with your new kitchen. We complete our projects on time and always remain within budget. From the start you will see why homeowners choose Aura Home Remodeling! We always help our customers choose the best outdoor kitchen ideas for their remodeling and improvement upgrades. We offer transparent contracts and labor guarantees. Our workers are all licensed and insured with years of experience in home remodeling and construction projects. Give us a call today and we will schedule an appointment for a completely free estimate and consultation!

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