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Thinking about having an outdoor kitchen? Trust our outdoor kitchen Carrollton professionals with your exciting new project! We offer affordable pricing for all of our services and will make sure to leave you completely satisfied. We have years of experience with home remodeling projects and have been working with Carrollton homeowners for years. We complete our work on time and always within your budget. Give us a call today!

Outdoor Kitchen Carrollton 

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your Carrollton home is an excellent way to enjoy your outdoors and take advantage of your outdoor living space. This will be a whole new area to relax, entertain, cook, and spend time with family and friends. Aura Home Remodeling is here to bring your visions to life. We can help you decorate, set up appliances, set up and seating and counters, and make sure your outdoor kitchen has everything you need. Our outdoor kitchen Carrollton experts are all licensed and insured. We complete our work on time and always remain within your budget. We can set up islands, beer dispensers, pizza ovens, even add patio heating. There is nothing we can’t do! We will provide you with high quality looks and materials for your outdoor kitchen. Listed below are just a few of some popular outdoor kitchen ideas!


Who doesn’t want a bar for their outdoor kitchen? Aura Home Remodeling can install the bar of your dreams for your outdoor kitchen. Bars are perfect for entertaining with friends and families. We can add creative storage space to give your bar more room and make sure you have the design, style, and shape of your choosing. You can trust our outdoor kitchen Carrollton professionals to bring your outdoor kitchen bar to life.


You are probably going to want to have a grill for cooking in your outdoor kitchen. We can install any type of grill you would like. From charcoal, gas, two-sided grills and more we’ve got you covered! We can provide you with our recommendations based on what you would like for your grill. Two-sided grills are gaining in popularity because you can cook meat on one side, veggies on the other, and they never need to touch! This is perfect for vegetarians and non-meat eaters who prefer meat not touch their food.

Pizza ovens

Pizza ovens are perfect for outdoor kitchens! They are a great way to make memories while cooking the most delicious flatbreads and other delicious meals you can enjoy. Aura Home Remodeling professionals will install your built-in or portable oven for your outdoor kitchen and make sure to leave you completely satisfied.


Smokers are another enjoyable way to spend time cooking in your outdoor kitchen. Add delicious flavors to your meats and enjoy your favorite foods with an outdoor smoker. We will be able to help you pick a smoker that works for you and install it for your outdoor kitchen. 

Garbage disposal

Garbage disposals make life so much easier. It is a convenient way to quickly clean up scraps and peels from any dishes. We will be able to have your garbage disposal installed and working correctly for your outdoor kitchen in Carrollton.


We can have all of your countertops installed with the perfect material for your outdoor kitchen. Our professionals take precise measurements and make the appropriate cuts and installations correctly and accurately. 

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