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Kitchen Remodeling in Richmond

For many homes, the kitchen is considered to be the attention-grabbing centerpiece of the house. Whether you are wanting to spruce up the home before selling or wanting to up your cooking level to “Master Chef”, a professional kitchen renovation can give your kitchen the boost that it needs. Aura Kitchen Remodeling Richmond is here to help! A kitchen remodel is an opportunity to turn your kitchen into your own personal culinary wonderland. You can customize anything from the appliances you’re using, adding additional cabinets or pantry space, or even design a completely new kitchen floor plan.

Spoil your inner chef by upgrading your kitchen by creating the dream kitchen most people only see on TV. The wonderful thing is that we’re here to help you create whatever style or theme your heart desires.Customizing your kitchen to match your own personal style will enhance it with personality and charm. Let one of our professionals know your design requests and preferences and we can make it happen!

We are fully BONDED & INSURED! We provide labor guarantees, comprehensive contracts, and incredible service.

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You can trust Aura to make sure your kitchen is beautiful, comfortable, and more pleasant than anything you can expect from any other company.


Cooking in your dream kitchen is much easier than you’d expect. Your current kitchen has so much potential that our team of professionals will be excited for you when they can see what we can do for you. Look no further for Kitchen Remodel Richmond services because our team at Aura is is here for you!

Thinking about adding in new kitchen counter tops? Want to make your kitchen look like it came from a world class restaurant?  A makeover from Aura’s Kitchen Remodeling Richmond team can have you at the top of your cooking game in no time! For the very best, affordable kitchen remodeling Richmond trusts, call Aura!

Top Quality Design and Remodeling

The kitchen can be one of the flashiest and most luxurious parts of a home. The kitchen has a wide variety of options to customize to transform it into a fine dining area. You can count on Aura Kitchen Remodeling Richmond for the best services. Give us a call to schedule your FREE estimate.


Countertops and backsplashes

Picking out the perfect countertop and the backsplash to match it is one of the first considerations when remodeling the kitchen. There are multiple types of stones or surfaces that can be used and even more designs to match them.


Kitchen Island Addition

The addition of a kitchen island is the luxury you didn’t know you needed yet. A well made kitchen island is functional, stylish, and doesn’t get block any kitchen traffic.You can rely on our remodeling contractors to create a long lasting, high quality kitchen island.


Kitchen Flooring

Options for kitchen flooring can range from anywhere from wood flooring, tile, laminates, and more! We can help you pick the highest quality surface for budget.


Kitchen Lighting

Finally, kitchen lighting. The lighting in a kitchen is what wraps everything else all together. Picking what suits your style best from functional overhead LED lights, decorative designs like hanging lamps or chandeliers, you name it! We’ll make sure your choice highlights all elements of your new kitchen area.

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