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Kitchen Remodeling in Miami, Florida

Aura Kitchen Remodeling Miami services are affordable, and trusted for homes of all sizes, condos, apartments, and commercial properties. 

Miami kitchen remodeling does not have to be expensive or difficult. Give Aura a call to get started with a free estimate!

Kitchen Remodeling Miami

Aura kitchen remodeling is your local and trusted company for any of your Miami kitchen projects.Our certified and licensed contractors, project managers, and designers has years of experience with Miami kitchen remodeling. We take care of everything from woodwork, appliance installations, counter tops, tiling, gas lines, plumbing and more. We will make sure your kitchen is designed beautifully and functions perfectly and practically. We will be able to help you choose the perfect materials that will add life and style to your Miami kitchen and offer creative themes and design layouts. We use high quality materials with affordable pricing. We work closely with our customers to deliver stunning results. Our project managers and workers will keep you posted throughout every phase of your project so you can see the progress being made every step of the way.  

Aura provides affordable options and high quality looks for our Miami clients. We have amazing relationships with third-party lenders and can help you secure a loan easily and quickly. We can help set up payment terms and conditions that we have all agreed upon to offset the cost of your project over time. We will help you find the best way to begin your exciting new project. Kitchen remodeling will add value to your home and give your kitchen a new, fresh, updated look. Aura is made up of experts in every different field with vast knowledge and years of experience. From counter tops to tiling, wood floors, islands, drawers and everything else Aura kitchen remodeling professionals will exceed all of your expectations.


Kitchen Remodeling Miami Services

Aura provides high quality remodeling services to homeowners in Miami, Florida. We provide the greatest installations and replacements for every part of the kitchen. No matter what you need, Aura Kitchen Remodeling Miami should be your top choice. Take a look at our affordable Miami home remodeling services below. 


Kitchen Appliance Installation

Aura kitchen remodeling in Miami can repair or install any kitchen appliance. From freezers to dishwashers, refrigerators and more we will get the job done. We will also take care of any electrical and plumbing work and make sure your oven and stove is working efficiently. We can add new shelving wherever you please and also add creative and unique storage spaces to give you additional room in your kitchen. 


Kitchen Island, Counter, and Backsplash Installations

Islands can be a great way to add additional space in your kitchen for eating and lounging. We can add appliances and outlets to your island, have sinks installed, and add the perfect amount of extra seating and counter space to your kitchen. We can build your island to be any size and shape and offer different layouts and styles that will work perfectly for you. We can add more counter space or downsize your counters to fit your particular needs. We can replace your counters and add quality new material like stone, laminate, wood, and more. Our team at Aura kitchen remodeling can raise your counter tops, add onto already existing counter tops, and provide you with more space wherever you would like. We will get the proper dimensions to install and deliver the perfect counters that will add a stunning new look to your kitchen. 

Adding a backsplash to your kitchen can be a magnificent way to add a stunning statement piece to your Miami home kitchen. We have a trusted team made up of project managers and design experts who can offer any suggestions and input on any materials and concepts. We will help you choose from a variety of colors and styles to match perfectly with your kitchen.


Kitchen Flooring and Home Value

Aura can replace or repair any part of your floor. If your wood floor needs to be refinished or new paint and trim jobs need to be taken care of we’ve got you covered. We can redo the entire floor or fix up any area that is damaged. We can help you choose new patterns and colors and make sure all measurements are exact. Give us a call today and we can provide you with a completely free estimate for any of your kitchen flooring and remodeling projects. When you choose to remodel your Miami kitchen your home value will greatly increase. Treat yourself to a new and improved kitchen that is stunning and practical for you. No matter what, we will make sure that the proper construction standards and regulations are followed. You have a beautiful home that you know is designed and finished by professionals. Whether you are looking to sell in the future of you are looking to update your outdated looks, Aura kitchen remodeling Miami experts are ready to help. It will be obvious when people walk in the amount of work that has been put in to perfecting your kitchens look and style. We offer labor guarantees and transparent contracts so that you get the service you deserve and the kitchen of your dreams. 

Designing Your Dream

Aura can provide you with any new looks and styles that will look stunning in your Miami kitchen. With endless possibilities we will make sure you have the perfect kitchen that you have always dreamed of. We will make sure your kitchen is stunning, practical, and perfect just for you. Give us a call today so we can get started on your exciting new project!

Free Estimates for Miami Kitchen Remodeling

For any new kitchen remodeling projects give Aura Kitchen Remodeling Miami a call. We have built our reputation for for honest, fair, and reliable work. We guarantee to leave you 100% satisfied with your kitchen. Call today and we will schedule your appointment for your completely FREE estimate and consultation. 

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