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Indoor Home Remodeling Services

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Home Remodeling and Construction

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Indoor Home Remodeling Services

Aura Remodeling Indoor  will coordinate every aspect of your kitchen and bathroom remodel with outstanding customer service and quality workmanship. We provide residents with all of the home remodeling services they need to achieve the remodel project of their dreams. Design is the first step of successful interior remodeling..Our group of experienced creators attempts to outline a space as indicated by the client’s wants and needs.We offer an extensive variety of expert administrations with regards to renovating your home or adding an option to it. From kitchen to bathroom remodeling services to closets and garages we’ve got you covered.



From master bathrooms to guest bathrooms, Aura Home Remodeling will help you bring your dream bathroom to life. As one of the most used rooms in the house, bathrooms are a place to energize for the day ahead as well as relax and unwind at the end of the day. Specializing in bathroom design and remodel, we have helped homeowners renovate their bathrooms for years. From first time homebuyers needing a complete bathroom remodel to homeowners looking for a modern bathroom makeover, our team of expert bathroom designers and contractors are here to help.

-Our  Bathroom Remodeling process

  • Initial Bathroom Design
  • Material Selection
  • Project Timeline & Schedule
  • We Get to Work
  • Final Inspection

We guarantee more than a perfectly finished project, but also a wonderful customer experience. As your  kitchen and bath remodel company, we are dedicated to providing the best service to our local community. We guarantee your newly completed bathroom will be durable and is the best quality. If anything comes up, we’re a phone call away.


Kitchen-        Aura Home Remodeling  knows how crucial your kitchen is to your regular family routine and social engagement. When in the kitchen, the priority is to create incredible dishes and enjoy yourself while entertaining guests. We mirror the effort put into being the perfect host, with the effort we put into creating the perfect kitchen for homeowners. A gourmet dish requires the best ingredients; the same goes for kitchen remodels. Kitchen countertops, flooring, cabinets, appliances, plumbing and the overall design are all crucial parts that blend to create your finished project. From small kitchen remodels to complete custom kitchens, Aura commits to using the highest quality materials within your budget to bring your dream kitchen to life.



  • Initial Design
  • Material Selection
  • Permits & Logistics
  • Project Timeline & Schedule
  • We Get to Work


Every Aura kitchen remodel project is built to last and backed up.We make sure that the plans are checked and rechecked before we make the first cuts, or open the first can of paint. We know what to expect with every renovation project, and our experience helps us adapt to any curveballs that a project might throw at us.


Office  & Media Centers-

Aura Home Remodeling takes the same approach to its premier kitchens and bathrooms as it does to our custom home office and entertainment center makeovers. As these spaces are usually larger, our project team adapts to the spontaneity and versatility of your space. Backed with years of experience and the necessary vendors for any job, we tackle every aspect of the project from carpets, electrical, dry wall, lighting, flooring and more. Customization and innovation are crucial when designing home office remodels as well as media and entertainment centers.


The adaptability of Aura designers helps us change perspective when we need, we can easily shift our focus to a more traditional and moderate design. The opposite applies; if we feel a client is limiting themselves too much, we won’t hesitate to make suggestions or bounce around new possibilities. When to comes to entertainment center makeovers, we believe that doing a project halfway isn’t doing it at all. Whether remodeling a home office or designing a custom built entertainment center, we guarantee a perfect finished project and a wonderful customer experience.


Room addition-

Room additions can be a great investment. It shouldn’t be a great time investment. We go to all lengths to help you execute your vision every step of the way. So you’ve made the decision, you have a growing need for a home extension or making time for that master bathroom addition you’ve always wanted. The good news is, you’re in the right place.

A living room addition can provide more space and functionality for a growing family. How about converting a garage into a playroom or your master bedroom into a master suite with extra space? Dreams can become reality and those dreams start with a visit to our showroom. It’s built to impress even the biggest skeptics. One room addition can drastically transform your home. The possibilities are truly endless.

Our Process

There are many things to consider when tackling a home addition. That’s why we create a meticulous plan to make sure you get exactly what you want no matter your investment level. We consider all aspects when building out your additional space. From flooring to roofing and from windows to electrical.

From initial ideas to the design of the floor plan and construction, we operate in the black and white. No hassle. No hesitation. No grey area. That’s a guarantee. We have successful years of construction experience and a plethora of happy customers that agree. Ask anyone of them; they may be one of your neighbors. So why go with Aura Home remodeling for your remodel addition needs? We are premier remodeling company and specialize in home and room additions. As your home extension contractors, we handle every step of the process and keep you informed every inch of the way.

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