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Cedar Park House Painting

Is your home ready for a makeover or in need of touch ups, a new paint job, or other work? Aura Home Remodeling’s Cedar Park House Painting services are designed to offer affordable new paint jobs, re-painting / paint coat, and all related work to homeowners. We have been working in Cedar Park, TX and beyond for many years as a leading company known for its professional painters. 

Call Aura Home Remodeling Cedar Park at (832) 777-7077 to get started by scheduling your FREE estimate appointment. One of our project managers and professional painters will visit your property to make sure you receive the best advice, an accurate quote, and proper information about your project. 

There is nothing we cannot paint, whether you have a large exterior wall paint job or intricate banister painting work that must be done. We’re equipped with the right brushes, the best quality paint, and other materials to complete every paint job on time. Don’t overspend with a freelance painter or general laborer that does not have the skills and company support to ensure the job is done right. You will surely be happy with our Cedar Park house painting services. 

Cedar Park House Paint Services

We offer affordable painting in Cedar Park, TX so that every homeowner can benefit from a new paint job. Painting your walls, trim, doors, window frames, and more are all great ways to improve your house. Aura’s trusted Austin House Painting services are perfect for home remodeling, construction, and even minor improvement projects.


  • House Siding Painting
  • Window Frame Painting
  • House Wall Painting
  • Bathroom Water-Resistant Painting
  • Fixture Paint Detailing
  • Full Home Painting
  • Trim Painting
Exterior house painting services

Reasons to Paint Your Home

Cedar Park House Painting by Aura Home Remodeling has been helping homeowners for plenty of years, and there are always various reasons our customers reach out to us. Here are some of the most popular and important reasons to paint your house.

A fresh coat of paint can really liven up a room. It is well known that the color of the walls can affect everyone’s mood, so it is no surprise that certain colors are a great choice for certain rooms and poor choices for another. Our professional painters in Cedar Park, TX can easily tell you the best standards for paint color choices. Using color palettes you can quickly see what a color will look like with your curtains, flooring, surfaces, and other parts of your house. 

Your house paint might be peeling off or starting to get little bubbles underneath it. This can happen because of water damage, heat, or other reasons. If you see any of this, you should consider having it smoothed and repainted. Living in a clean, fresh, newly painted home feels great. You can truly change the way you think about your home with a new paint job. 

Aura Remodeling Home Painter

Bedroom Painting

Allow us to help you discover the perfect color for relaxation, going to sleep, and enjoying your bedroom. We can fully paint any type of room. Our affordable house painting services in Cedar Park, Texas have helped so many people fall in love with their bedrooms again. A new paint job may be just what you need to be excited about your house again and enjoy your time in the bedroom. If your bedroom is too dark, too light, or suffering from peeling or damaged wall paint then you need to call Aura! 

Interior House Painting

  • Kitchen Painting

  • Living Room Painting

  • Dining Room Painting

  • Bedroom Painting

  • Bathroom Painting

  • Hallway Painting

  • Office Painting

  • Foyer Painting

  • Basement Painting

  • Doors Painting

  • Windows Painting

Exterior House Painting

We can take care of your house siding paint, touch ups, and wood or vinyl siding replacements. We can paint your window frames, sills, storm covers, shutters, and more. 

Exterior house painting services

Our professional painters in Cedar Park will walk you through a variety of house paint color palettes and comparisons for you to discover.

It is important to make sure that colors are contrasted carefully, so that each room can compliment the others. Curtains, carpet and flooring, or other fixtures must be considered before any interior house painting.


Cedar Park House Painting – Selling or Buying a Home

Did you know that painting your home is a great way to improve its value? That’s right! A new coat of paint for your home exterior or interior designs is a fantastic way to increase your house and property value. 

Home buyers, real estate investors, developers, and even renters appreciate the best coats of paint. There truly is no limit to how impressed someone may feel as they enter your home through a freshly painted door. Aura Home Remodeling House Painting for Cedar Park is reliable, trusted by many, and affordable. We’ll make sure your house paint job is done properly. Your home will feel better, look more beautiful, and be ready for the Cedar Park home markets.

House Door Painting

Aura Home Remodeling can fully paint the inside or outside of your door. We’ll make sure your house door paint is your favorite color, smooth to the touch, and beautiful. A new coat of paint for your door can bring your entrance to life. You do not want to have guests knocking bits of peeling paint off of your door or to greet them with a dirty door that clearly needs a makeover. We provide the best house door painting in Cedar Park.

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Window Painting

Aura Home Remodeling Cedar Park House Painting services are perfect for your kitchen remodeling or improvement project. We can easily paint around any installation or kitchen fixture. Aura’s technicians can paint whole kitchens quickly and without mistakes or touch ups needed.

Kitchen Painting

Aura Home Remodeling Cedar Park House Painting services are perfect for your kitchen remodeling or improvement project. We can easily paint around any installation or kitchen fixture. Aura’s technicians can paint whole kitchens quickly and without mistakes or touch ups needed.


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