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Aura Foundation Repair Company realizes that choosing a repair company to suit your needs can be challenging to say the least. We offer our assistance by promising to: Educate our customers so that they can make informed and comfortable choices. We promise to keep things simple and recommend repairs only if necessary and only where necessary, give you the most value and quality for your investment from an established company.

Home Foundation Repair

During residential construction, foundations are designed to be perfectly level to ensure even, slow settling. However, if your home is experiencing foundation problems, it may settle unevenly. To determine how level your homes foundation is, use a laser level in your basement or crawlspace. If different points in your basement are extremely uneven, then you definitely have foundation issues in your home.


  • Cracks in Sheetrock and Drywall

This is typically the first sign a homeowner will notice when they are having foundation issues.  Repair is only a temporary solution as most cracks will just open up again.

  • Cracks in Brick and Stucco

Cracks that occur in your brick and stucco work that appear like a staircase are another early warning sign that your foundation has shifted and is in need of repair.

  • Gaps in Windows and Doors

The areas around doors and windows will typically have a gap when your slab foundation is out of level.  The door or window will remain square while your home shifts around and creates these gaps.

  • Cracked Flooring

If you have flooring that has cracked or has started to buckle it is a great time to call in a foundation repair specialist in the Houston area to evaluate what is taking place in your home.

  • Leaning / Cracked Chimney

A chimney that is leaning and out of level is an issue no matter what.  The weight of the chimney often makes it susceptible to foundation issues as well as structural issues.

  • Cracked Foundation Corners

Check the corners of your foundation.  If you find some are cracking or have already broken off more than likely the weight of the home has shifted due to your concrete slab settling into the ground.

  • Sticking Doors and windows

When your door or windows stick, it means there is a structural problem in the home in most cases.  Check the frame of the door and if it is out of square then your home has shifted.

We realize it is difficult for homeowners when it comes to selecting a Houston foundation repair company. Most homeowners call more than one company before making a decision, and we understand that. As a homeowner it may be hard to identify what structural issues your home may be experiencing and you want to ensure you make the right choice when it comes to your foundation repair company in Houston and the surrounding areas.

If you are starting to notice signs that your home foundation might be settling, cracking or moving, a foundation inspection is key in making sure you know exactly what your home is experiencing. At Aura Foundation, our Foundation Repair inspectors are certified foundation repair specialists and have the highest level of training and expertise when it comes to identifying any type of home foundation issue.

Aura Foundation Repair Company ask that you simply give us an opportunity to assess your repair needs with professional and courteous service. We offer you the most in integrity, service, quality, and professionalism at rates that are consistently lower than  other companies . We have experience in structural repairs for both residential homes and commercial. 

Counters And Cabinets Separating From The Wall
Have you ever noticed that your kitchen cabinets or countertops seem to be tilting and pulling away from the wall? At first it may look like they’ve moved a tiny bit, and then the next thing you know the gap is 1/8” wide. Before long, your cabinets or countertops appear to be 1/2” or more away from the wall. At that point, you’ve got major issues.

If you become aware of something like this, it’s definitely a sign of foundation damage. When walls aren’t level, cabinets and lots of other things in your house cease to be level, too. It may seem to you that everything is sloping or not hanging correctly. That’s because something is affecting your foundation and causing it to be uneven.If your house has a poured perimeter foundation and the concrete appears to be chipping and flaking, poke it in a few places with a sturdy screwdriver. The concrete should be so hard that you can’t damage it.

Blocking soil gas/water vapor – Installing a sub slab drainage pad is another way to keep moisture out away from the foundation. Placing a layer of polyethylene sheeting between the drainage pad and the foundation blocks water vapor from permeating the foundation and causing indoor air pollution. That same drainage pad keeps unknown soil gases from hurting indoor air quality also. When building a home, it is difficult to know what your soil has been exposed to. Taking measures like these will ensure these potentially harmful materials cannot find a means through your foundation into your home.

Slab Foundations –

A slab foundation is a foundation built directly on the soil with no basement or crawl space. The build site is leveled and a trench is dug around the perimeter. Gravel is spread across the site and concrete is poured approximately four inches thick over a mesh and moisture barrier layer. The trenches that were dug allow concrete to be poured where the load bearing walls are placed, providing additional thickness and support. No piers or joists are used, as this foundation transfers the weight of the building directly to the soil via the slab.

If you observe unusual things happening, the situation warrants further investigation. The first thing to do is to contact a qualified foundation repair contractor and enlist them to perform a thorough inspection on your house or other structure. These evaluations are generally provided for free. In many instances, property owners discover that they have absolutely nothing to worry about. You shouldn’t find puddles or see framing that’s wet. Check for rot by probing wood posts with a screwdriver or awl. Puddles and other signs of moisture in a crawl space may indicate poor drainage around the perimeter foundation. Be sure that gutters aren’t plugged, and that soil slopes away from the foundation at the rate of 6 inches for every 10 horizontal feet.

Any foundation you choose, as long as it is properly installed, will serve your home well. Discussing the options for your home with your contractor is the best place to start to ensure that what you have in mind can be done. If you have future intentions for your home, such as add-ons, basement refinishing, additional porch space, etc, bring these ideas into the beginning conversations so they can be taken into consideration when planning the base of your home. Call us now to set an appointment today.


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