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Foundation Repair Services in Pearland, Texas

It can be very scary to have to suddenly deal with a cracked foundation or other problems requiring professional foundation repair. We provide affordable home foundation services for Pearland, TX homeowners. You can rely on us to ensure your property is fully inspected for safety, building codes, and more. Have you suffered from a botched home addition, or poor workmanship? Allow our company to help you resolve any problems and fix bad foundation! We provide the very best, most affordable foundation repair, reinforcement, and replacement/installation services. Our safety first approach allows us to enjoy many successful years of both large-scale and minor foundation repairs. Our technicians will always prioritize the longevity of your home and safety of the structure. We do not perform any service when the building or home’s structural integrity may be jeopardized. Aura Foundation Repair Pearland can solve elaborate foundation problems for long term homeowners, developers, property managers, real estate investors, and anyone else too. You can trust our company to send the most professional workers to ensure your home foundation is fully fixed.


Signs of Foundation Damage

If your windows and doors are consistently getting stuck and sticking when you try to open them, this is another sign of foundation damage. It is important to make sure your doors and windows open and close property for the safety of your home and to avoid wasting energy use. If your windows feel strained when you try to open them give us a call today. 

We will be able to examine your doors and windows that are problematic and figure out exactly what the issue is. 


Pearland Foundation Repairs for Moisture / Water Damage

According to the National Foundation Repair Association, uneven moisture under the foundation is the leading cause of foundation damage. There are many different types of piers that are either pushed in or screwed in or near your foundation, and even spray in polyurethane foam. At Aura Foundation Repair Pearland, our knowledgeable and experienced technicians can assess the soil and environment around your home to determine the best kind of repair and stabilization required specifically for your home or building.

Best Foundation Repair Pearland

Foundation repair methods have come a long way over the years, but no two foundation problems are alike. Before discussing the best way to repair your foundation, our experienced technicians take the time to determine why you’re having foundation issues. At Aura Foundation Repair Pearland, we don’t like to see repeat customers, we like to help our customers determine what is allowing or causing the foundation issues so that we can prevent them in the future.

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