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Aura Home Remodeling and Construction in Jersey Village is here to help repair any foundation problems your home or business structure may be facing. Our foundation repair Jersey Village experts will make sure your home is structurally sound and up to code. We provide dependable work you can trust, so call today!

Foundation Repair Jersey Village

Your foundation holds up your entire home structure, and it is extremely important that it remains in good condition free of rot, water damage, and other issues. Our company has been fixing foundations in Jersey Village for many years. We always make sure to follow strict safety regulations and keep everything up to code. If you feel there may be any issues with your foundation, give us a call today. We will be able to quickly set you up with an appointment for your completely free estimate and consultation. Water damage will affect your foundation and lead to costly repairs if not taken care of right away. With foundation problems, minor issues can become major problems if not handled right away. We are your foundation repair Jersey Village experts and provide reliable services you can trust so give us a call today! Listed below are some common signs that could indicate that you may need foundation repair. 

Cracks in walls or nail pops

If you are starting to notice any cracks within your Jersey city home, Aura Home Remodeling experts will be able to repair it. If you see any cracks in your drywall, inside your home, or on the exterior of your home, give us a call today. This is a clear indication that your foundation will need to be repaired. If you notice any zig-zag cracks in any bricks or stone this is not uncommon but you will want to make sure you have it repaired. Our foundation repair Jersey Village experts have been repairing cracks in home’s for many years and use the proper equipment and tools to get the job done.

Windows or doors sticking 

If your windows and doors are consistently getting stuck and sticking when you try to open them, this is another sign of foundation damage. It is important to make sure your doors and windows open and close property for the safety of your home and to avoid wasting energy use. If your windows feel strained when you try to open them give us a call today. We will be able to examine your doors and windows that are problematic and figure out exactly what the issue is. 

Gaps inside the caulking or your ceiling 

Your windows and doors are sealed with a caulking solution. If you happen to notice any cracks in the caulking, it could mean your foundation is beginning to settle and shift. This is something you will need to take care of right away. If you are finding any gaps between the crown molding and your ceiling, or between any walls, our foundation repair Jersey Village professionals will let you know the condition of your foundation and offer any services to correct it. 

Sinking floors and wrinkles in the wallpaper

If your floors begin sinking anywhere this is a clear sign of a problem with the foundation. For any sinking floors give us a call. We will be able to assess the level of damage and level your flooring. This is important for the safety of anyone in your home, and the safety of your floors and house. Ignoring this problem will only make it worse and cause you to spend more money down the road if not fixed. Another sign to look out for is wrinkles and creases in your wallpaper. When your foundation shifts, it causes your wall to shift, which can affect your wallpaper. If you notice any sinking floors or wrinkles and creases in your wallpaper, give us a call today.

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If you suspect your foundation may need to be repaired, give our foundation repair Jersey Village professionals a call today. We will fully assess your home before providing you with a quote for any services required. We will make sure your foundation is completely repaired and restored back to new.

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