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Trusting a repair company to suit all of your needs can be a real challenge. Aura Foundation Repair Fort Worth offers assists its customers by educating them on the each process and service. This way, customers can feel comfortable about making an informed choice with no pressure at all whatsoever. Our team of professionals will accurately assess any work that needs to be done and recommend only repairs when and where they are required. This allows us to guarantee that our customers are receiving the highest value and quality for their investment.

Aura’s professional foundation repair experts are here standing by, ready to help. You can call any time to schedule a same-day or next-day appointment. Your consultation will be a wonderful discussion of all possible solutions to any needed foundation repairs. We’ll fully inspect your home foundation for cracks and other problems that must be fixed.

We are fully BONDED & INSURED! We provide labor guarantees, comprehensive contracts, and incredible service.

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Home Foundation Repair in Fort Worth

During residential construction, the foundations is supposed to be designed perfectly level to ensure even, slow settling. However, if your house is experiencing issues with the foundation, it may start to settle unevenly. To assess how level the foundation of your home is,you can use a laser level in a crawl space or basement. If there are multiple areas in the basement or crawl space that are highly uneven, then there are most certainly foundation issues in the home.


Signs of Foundation Problems

These are some of the warning signs of foundation repairs being required. Find out if your home foundation in Fort Worth, TX is in need of service:


  • Cracked Flooring
    • If there are parts of the floor that have cracked or start to buckle that means it is time to call a foundation repair specialist to assess what is happening. You can rely on Aura Foundation Repair Fort Worth to fix all cracks so they are solved before they become worse problems.
  • Gaps in Windows and Doors
    • If you see a gap between a window or door that typically means the slab foundation is not level. While the home is unevenly shifting around due to a foundation issue, a door or window will remain in with a square fit, causing the gap.
  • Cracked Foundation Corners
    • After inspecting the corners of your foundation and you find evidence of cracking or broken parts then this is most likely due to the weight of the home shifting because of the underlying concrete slab foundation.
  • Cracks in Drywall and Sheetrock
    • This is most often the first thing a home owner will notice when a foundation issue is occurring. Repairing these cracks is a temporary fix because most cracks just end up opening again when the foundation shifts.
  • Cracks in Brick and Stucco
    • Any cracks that occur in stucco and brick work that appear like a “staircase” are an early red flag that the foundation has shifted and needs to be repaired.
  • Leaning or Cracked Chimney
    • A chimney that is leaning and not standing up straight is a major warning that the foundation is out of level and needs assistance quickly. Often times the sheer weight of the chimney itself is what makes it vulnerable to both foundation and structural issues.

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