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We provide the best flooring replacement Houston has to offer. All of our customers are licensed and insured. We provide labor guarantees and transparent contracts so you can feel completely comfortable throughout the process. We can replace or repair any of your current flooring. We complete our jobs with precision and care and guarantee to leave you completely satisfied. Give us a call today for any flooring replacement or repair services.


Flooring Replacement in Houston

Aura Home Remodeling is here to provide you with the best flooring replacement Houston has to offer. If your current flooring is dull, worn and torn, outdated, or simply not your style give us a call. We specialize in flooring replacement and will be able to provide you with affordable prices for our services. Our professionals are licensed and insured. We complete all of our projects on time and always remain within your budget. 

Hardwood Flooring Replacements 

Floor replacement in Houston can significantly raise the value of your home. We can provide high quality looks and it will be a great long-term investment. Hardwood flooring offers a refined and polished look to any home. Hardwood flooring can come in a variety of materials and designs to choose from and promotes healthy indoor air quality. Hardwood flooring is extremely strong and durable. If your current hardwood flooring is damaged and needs to be repaired or if you want to replace your current flooring with hardwood give us a call today.

Laminate Flooring Replacements and Repairs  

We can replace any of your laminate flooring. Laminate is highly durable, strong, and scratch resistant. Laminate flooring comes in a variety of tile, stone, and wood finishes. They come in a variety of colors and are easy to clean and maintain. They are also hypoallergenic and are perfect for families with pets or children. We follow all official guidelines for our flooring replacement Houston replacements, repairs, and installations. If your laminate flooring is old and worn out we will be able to restore it completely back to new.

Tile Floors and Natural Flooring Replacement

Aura Home Remodeling flooring experts will be able to replace any of your tile and natural flooring. Natural stone includes granite, marble, sandstone and more. Most of these materials are extremely durable, however, different finishes require different levels of care. Marble surfaces that are polished can show scratches and scuffs easier than other materials. If you are interested in having any of your flooring replaced give Aura Home Remodeling a call today.

Ceramic Tile Replacement

Give us a call today for any of your ceramic tile replacements and repairs. Ceramic tiles are made from clay, sand and glass. They require very little maintenance and are durable, non-porous, and eco-friendly. This flooring is easy to clean and easy to repair. Ceramic tiles can last up to 100 years. If your current ceramic tiles need to be repaired or replaced call Aura Home Remodeling today!


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Aura Home Remodeling Houston is a full-service company for new home remodeling and improvement projects. From roof repairs to patio installations, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, room additions, room expansions, painting, appliance installations, flooring and more we have years of experience and will bring your vision to life.

How We Do It

We provide Houston homeowners with the best flooring services available. We will manage your new project from start to finish and handle everything from initial blueprints to final designs and changes. We have years of experience with flooring replacement in Houston and will keep you informed of progress throughout the entire job.


We always meet timelines and have clear communication with our customers throughout the entire project.  We will complete your job on time and remain within your budget. We take great pride in our work ethic and always make sure everything is completed with precision and care. We guarantee you will be thrilled with your new flooring. 

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No matter what kind of flooring you need to have replaced in your Houston home, Aura Home Remodeling will get the job done. We will help you choose from a variety of materials and designs that you will be sure to love in your home or commercial property. We have years of experience with flooring repairs in Houston and provide our customers with transparent contracts and labor guarantees. Give us a call today and we can schedule your appointment for your completely free estimate and consultation.

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We are here to make your visions a reality. Any project you have on your mind, our general contractors are here to fulfill it and make it a perfectly completed project. Contact us today for your Free on-site quote.

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