Flooring Houston

Are you looking for the best flooring Houston installation, replacement, or repair? Aura Home Remodeling can help you remodel, restore, or otherwise take care of your home flooring. No matter what type of floor you have or want, we’re here to help. Our Houston flooring technicians are fully experienced in removing old flooring, replacing floors, and installing brand new flooring for new construction homes and additions. It’s important to pick the right contractors who can get the job done properly. Your floor designs will play a huge role in the look and feel of your house. You do not want to make the mistake of installing a type of flooring material you are not happy with. We provide color palettes, flooring samples, and mockup designs to help our customers. Why go in blind when you can be fully prepared, and completely satisfied with a professional floor plan and installation? Trust us to take care of YOU! You can schedule your free estimate today by calling 832-777-7077. One of our office professionals will provide you with more information, available dates and times, and then confirm your appointment.


Wood Floors for Houston Homes

Wood flooring is a great choice and is extremely popular amongst homeowners in Houston. It is definitely high in demand, and there are plenty of wood types and styles to choose from. There is also lookalike flooring materials that are more affordable, but still impressionable. If you need to replace a wood floor then we can do exact match or choose different options. There are many affordable hardwood flooring choices for homeowners on a budget. You are in control and our professional project managers will ensure you are happy by the time our technicians are done with all of the work. We’d love to hear what you want so we can help you start planning your flooring remodeling in Houston, Texas or any surrounding area

Houston Tile Flooring

Tile floors are fantastic for bathrooms, kitchens, mud rooms, and many other areas. When it comes to tiling, there are so many different types. You can pick small tiles, large tiles (more like stone slabs), or anything in between. There are tiles that are flush to the ground and smooth, and also tiling that is more rigid and perhaps more textured. It’s important to think about the climate and its effect on your house’s flooring. Tile flooring is an amazing choice for surviving Houston weather, which will lower your maintenance or repair costs later. With temperature in mind, another type of tile flooring you should think about is a heated or cooled floor. This is a great way to control the temperature of your bathroom or another part of the house.

Houston Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring installations and replacements are much cheaper than other types. This is because the material cost is lower. Many homeowners opt for laminate floors, especially in kitchens or other areas where spills are more common. They are very easy to clean and much more water resistant than other flooring choices. Laminate floors can be a great way to improve a room or the entire house. Stripping out old flooring to replace with laminate is a great option and very popular for remodeling projects where budget is very important.

Carpet Flooring in Houston

Carpet flooring is obviously very popular for bedrooms, play areas, and other locations. The most important thing to know about carpeting is that you have to take good care of it. Moisture in the air (humidity), or spills can not just stain the carpet but cause it to grow mold if moisture is not taken care of quickly. That said, normal use of your house’s carpeted rooms will be totally fine. Another thing to consider when it comes to carpeting is what style you like. There are plenty of options for the length, softness or hardness, water resistance standards, color, designs, and more. We can install any carpet you choose on your own, or order the carpeting you decide on with us. No matter what, we’ll make sure your carpet floors are installed properly!