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Remodeling your commercial property can increase productivity, give your customers a better experience, and raise the value of your business! Whether you need better flooring, added workspace, or just more storage space, Aura Commercial Remodeling Jersey Village has you covered! Work with a company that values its clients as much as you do yours! Our timely, professional approach to commercial remodeling will leave you as stress-free as you can be. Focus on your business, and let us help you make your dreams a reality!

It doesn’t matter if the project is big or small, you’ll get the same friendly, guided, and timely experience you can expect from seasoned professionals. We’ve done a lot of work over the years, and we’d love to share with you our ideas! Taking your requirements and budget into consideration, we’ll design and rebuild the parts of your business that make magic happen. From the inside and out, your commercial property can be modernized and reconstructed to every requirement and whim. Need some more rooms to house equipment? Upgrade your workshop? Aura Commercial Remodeling Jersey Village will make it happen! Aura meets or beats the standard level of recommended construction practices set fourth by the State of texas. See their standards By visiting here

When you think about commercial remodeling, the only tool you need is your phone. Pick it up and call us today! Let’s bring your business into the modern age and reimagine the antiquated layout and design that is no longer working for you. Aura Commercial Remodeling Jersey Village is waiting for you, and ready to tackle your next project!

 Flooring, Walls, and Surfaces

We can remove, replace, or construct new flooring, walls, and other surfaces such as counter tops, kiosks and cashier stands, department stations, offices, and more.


Whether it’s walls, decorations, pathways, or other stone, you can trust Aura to do a great job with any masonry repairs, cutting, re-laying, or new installs.


If you would like to completely redo your commercial property, we can gut the entire building (or floor, or room) to give you a fresh new slate to work from.

 Electrical Work

With certified and licensed electricians on our team, we can handle all electrical work such as light fixtures, entertainment hubs, payment kiosks, and more.

 Wheelchair Accessibility

It is very important that your property accommodates handicapped individuals with ramps, handrails, proper parking, bathrooms, and more.


With licensed plumbers, Aura helps business owners transform any room the way they want without worrying about the pipes.

Full-Service Company

We provide every service needed for commercial remodeling in Jersey Village. From blueprinting to project completion, Aura is here with licensed, experienced, and dedicated professionals to fulfill all project requirements. Whatever you need, you can trust Aura’s commercial remodeling division in Jersey Village.


Free Estimates for Commercial Remodeling

If you are interested in starting or continuing a commercial remodeling project in Jersey Village, then give us a call and we will schedule your appointment for a FREE estimate and consultation.


Let’s work together

We are here to make your visions a reality. Any project you have on your mind, our general contractors are here to fulfill it and make it a perfectly completed project. Contact us today for your Free on-site quote.

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