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If you are looking to remodel your commercial business, Commercial Remodeling Cypress is here to take care of you. We are committed to providing the best commercial remodeling and construction services to any property managers or developers. From initial consultations to estimates, blueprints, foundations, interior and exterior design, and framing, we will provide you with affordable and premium construction. We hire expert construction workers in the industry and the best designer technicians for high quality work that will be completed within budget, and on time. We have decades of experience and are a certified and insured construction company.

Commercial Remodeling
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Aura Commercial Remodeling Cypress

We provide professional home remodeling services in Cypress, Texas. Homeowners trust us to build or remodel bathrooms, kitchens, offices, bedrooms, living rooms, garages, and more. We can help you design, plan, and finish your dream home! We offer complete remodeling and deliver high quality results!
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Free Estimates / Quotes

We provide free estimates for all Houston home remodeling. If you live in the city or a nearby area, we’ll travel to your house to provide you with a comprehensive quote for all required services. We are your local, best one stop shop for all home remodeling, construction, and other renovation or upgrade projects.


We can take care of any masonry or brick work needed for your commercial remodeling project and replace and install any tiles. We offer a variety of different tiles to choose from, so you will be able to find the best tile that works for you and is a perfect fit for your business.

We can also repair your tiles or grout for any damage or wear and tear.


For complete remodeling, we can gut your commercial property and remodel the entire interior and exterior. We will safely dispose of any dangerous materials so that you will be able to see your remodeling project come to life every step of the way.


Our commercial electricians will be able to rewire and set up any piece of technology or devices you are looking to add to your business. We will keep your building up to code and safe. If you are looking to go green, we can install solar panels or hybrid electricity solutions.

Wheelchair Accessibility

For anyone who is handicapped or mobily impaired, we can add wheelchair ramps to your business, and accommodate for all and ensure that any ramp is legally sound.


From bathroom to kitchen plumbing, even large-scale operation rooms such as for heating, breweries, or for other commercial purposes, we take care of all the plumbing.

Wall Construction & Demolition

Aura’s framing division will help with any new construction or addition. We make sure that all of our work is up to code with building regulations, so that you can be sure your commercial property is safe, legal, and good to go for further construction and interior design.


We can take down any wall, bump it out, or build a new wall. Our construction experts are capable of working with either load-bearing walls or other types of partitions and walls. We can make any room larger or smaller.

Blueprints & Planning

As a licensed construction company in Cypress, we are fully capable of handling the entire construction process. We can develop blueprints and other plans, interior design concepts, and then put your plan into action.

Free Estimates for Commercial Remodeling Cypress

We offer free estimates for all commercial remodeling and construction in Cypress . If you need to know the cost of your project, no matter how big or small it may be, then give us a call and we will schedule your free estimate appointment! One of our long-time project managers will consult with you about your project.

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Our well-trained and experienced technicians can take on any aspect of your remodeling needs. From flooring, to ceilings and walls, we will show you the samples, take the measurements, and make the cuts. We will take the measurements, make the cuts, and install whatever flooring, paneling, wallpaper, and any other coverings you need.


Aura Commercial Remodeling in Cypress

Check out some of the first work we completed in the video below! We have focused on quality since the start. Aura Home Remodeling and Construction provides high quality contractor work for homeowners, property developers, managers, and commercial property owners.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are taking extreme precautions to protect our customers, workers and the local community.

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Should I Remodel My Home?

A lot of homeowners see the benefits of remodeling their house. Besides beauty, comfort, and the best living, there are other improvements too! For example, the value of your house may raise with a newly remodeled room, addition, or other update. This allows you to rent or sell your house for more money, or just enjoy your better quality of living in the meantime!
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Professional Commercial Remodeling Cypress

It is extremely important that you choose to work with a company that uses high quality materials and the best standards for designs, building, and remodeling services. At Aura Home Remodeling, we are very happy to provide an extremely high level of service from the start to finish of each project.