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If you are ready to plan a remodeling and renovation project for your commercial business here in Arlington, look no further than Aura Commercial Remodeling Arlington. Our licensed construction workers are local and trusted professionals prepared to take on any task. We will take your existing space and improve it.

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Pre-Construction Preparation 

As you have decided it is time to give your business a remodel, the first step consists of planning, drawing, and sampling materials. At this time you will collaborate with our contractors and designers to create a successful plan. We will be able to offer input and ideas so that you can meet your goals and create a successful new space. 

This is when you will make important decisions like what you want your exterior siding to be made of and what colors and designs you want inside of your new building.


Begin Your Project


Once a plan has been put into place our construction crew will remove everything from your building. Our contractors always follow mandated procedures making sure laws and regulation codes are up to date. 

Aura professionals always follow safe construction practices and are highly respected in the field. During the demolition phase there is a chance that our workers will uncover poor workmanship such as plumbing leaks, pest infestation, roof leaks, poor wiring and other problems. We will alert you of any problems we come across and provide you with affordable solutions. We guarantee to properly install anything we add to your new project.


This is the period of time where we will begin building the walls and floor. Framing usually refers to the studs in the wall that form the visible frame of structure. Framing includes any subfloor or roof. Typically when these frames are built it can look like much of the work has already been completed. Framing is more so the “skeleton” of the building.


After the framing is in place and before any drywall is put up, we must complete any mechanical aspects of the project. This usually includes heating, air conditioning, duct work, plumbing and more. This is the phase where we will add insulation.


The last step to your commercial remodeling project is putting up the drywalls, installing any outlets on the walls, installing the baseboards, painting the walls, and installing any tiles or stone veneer. We will have a walkthrough with you and ensure that everything has been done exactly the way you want it.


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