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Bathroom Remodeling in Richmond


Aura Bathroom Remodeling Richmond is here to provide affordable restoration, replacement, upgrade, and remodeling services. If you need new flooring, counter tops, walls, doors, plumbing, showers, baths, or anything else then give us a call for the best Richmond bathroom remodeling you can trust!

As your young children get older, you yourself decide to upscale your living situation, or there are other reasons for needing an incredible bathroom remodel, you will begin to wonder why you didn’t start already. We are here to make your bathroom remodeling dreams come true! Give us a call to schedule your free quote.

Premium Bathroom Remodeling Designs

When it comes to bathroom remodeling you must make sure that everything is planned correctly. Sinks, showers, bath tubs, and other appliances or fixtures require accurate blueprinting and planning for electrical connections, plumbing, gas lines, and more. No matter how elaborate or minimal your bathroom remodeling project in Richmond is, Aura Bathroom Remodeling services should be your first call! There are so many reasons to choose Aura for your remodeling project. We can schedule your appointment for an absolutely 100% FREE consultation with one of our project managers. Enjoy the freedom of discussing project ideas with accurate and honest assessments from our professional, along with extremely competitive and realistic quotes for any required work. You can count on Aura Bathroom Remodeling Richmond for the best, affordable remodels! 


Richmond Toilet Installation

If you need a new toilet for your bathroom remodeling in Richmond, TX then look no further than Aura! We’ll help you choose the best style of toilet, fit it to the correct dimensions, and install it without any mistakes. Your toilet will be good to go with all plumbing adjustments taken care of. A proper toilet fit for adults of varying sizes, or on the other hand children, is a great replacement for your bathroom. There’s no need to sit in discomfort anymore than you have to. Call Aura Bathroom Remodeling Richmond for an affordable toilet replacement or installation! 


Custom Shower Installation

There’s nothing more beautiful than a perfectly designed shower with incredible glass pane walls, seamlessly perfect edges and corners, accompanying masonry, and a variety of shower head options. That is what you can expect when you work with Aura’s shower installation and replacement service technicians. We can easily rip out any old shower or bath tub for your new install. No matter what, you will get the dream shower installation you always wanted! We have plenty of experience with all aspects of custom shower installation in Richmond, TX so there’s nothing to worry about.


Bath Tub Replacement

A new bath tub may be just what you need to finally enjoy your time spent washing or relaxing in your hot bath. A new bath tub can be downsized or upsized as needed, with a variety of styles or capabilities to choose from. You can have an indoor bathroom jacuzzi or hot tub if you wish! The air and water jets are perfect for enjoying some quality time alone or with a significant other. Call Aura for affordable Richmond bath tub replacements, remodeling, and custom installations.


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