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Bathroom Remodeling in Preston Hollow

Bathroom remodeling in Preston Hollow is an exciting, but daunting task. You’ve got a beautiful home, but that bathroom hasn’t had a facelift in 20 years. Going to the bathroom shouldn’t also involve time travel! Aura Home Remodeling Preston Hollow is your friendly team of bathroom remodeling experts! With all the latest in modern trends and designs, upgrading your bathroom has never been easier!

Modern bathroom design and remodel

Bathroom Flooring

Let’s start with the flooring. Older flooring is hard to maintain and often has stains you can’t remove. New flooring not only is more stylish, but is way easier to maintain. You have so many options- laminate flooring and tiles with every color and design possible. Aura Home Remodeling Preston Hollow has many to choose from!


Showers have advanced in so many ways. You could opt for a new shower head, or you can go for a full experience with a complete shower! The possibilities are endless and not only is your property value going up, so is the envy from your family and friends! We will help you solve any practical or cosmetic problem.

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Your vanity is the place you’ll spend many mornings in front of. Why not have a custom vanity built according to your desires? You deserve the best luxuries from Aura Home Remodeling Preston Hollow! Our stress-free, guided step-by-step process will ensure that you have full control of the design process, but none of the hassle in making it reality. Your dream bathroom is just a phone call away!

Lights & Fixtures

Fixtures are another area where the options have become almost endless. Energy-efficient lighting no longer means sacrificing aesthetics. Water-efficient faucets are not only beautiful, but with the savings you’ll gain from modern technology, you can get the best money can buy. You can save money while living in style!  Not to mention, the right fixtures showcase your good taste and personality in a way like nothing else can!

White and walnut remodeled bathroom

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