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Bathroom Remodeling Houston, TX

If you are considering bathroom remodeling, first thing to do is to is to take a look at your current bathroom. This is an important step for your future remodeling decisions. Some factors for the new bathroom you should consider is for it to be welcoming and bright, comforting and relaxing. 

Aura Home remodeling and Construction is here to help you making the right decisions when remodeling your bathroom. We can design the bathroom that will make the right impression, and will make you feel comfortable and home. 

Remodeling and renovating the bathroom is much more than just updating and making it beautiful, a new remodeled bathroom will significantly increase your house value. Bathroom remodeling is basically a good investment that will have a great value for the money you will spend on it. In most cases bathroom remodeling will even head to 100 precent return on your investment.

Completely different story than kitchen, bathroom is usually the most intimate and privet room in the house. For Aura Home Remodeling and Construction bathroom remodeling is not at all less important from remodeling any other room at your home, we take great care and importance to every little part. 

Our approach is to create a design that will fit your needs and exceptions, fit your taste and all specific details  unique to each one of our clients. The bathroom remodeling result should be, in one word – most of all – You! 

We provide you and easy approach and convenient process in remodeling the bathroom. We work with your budget to give you to quality and perfect results that will worth it all.

Bathroom Remodeling Houston

Are you ready for the bathroom of your dreams? A bathroom makeover brought to you by the bathroom remodeling contractors at Aura Home Remodeling can provide you with everything you’re looking for. With limitless master bathroom, powder room, and bathroom styles to choose from, our professional team can guide you through exactly what you need to know to create you new functional and beautiful bathroom.

We provide a complete bathroom remodeling service including countertops installation, shower or bathtub renovation, sink installation, plumbing and electrical installation, and wall or flooring renovation. We’re here to put together your choice of bathroom designs and layouts. Our team will give you the bathroom renovation that you and your family have always dreamed of. We will follow the specifications that we both agree on and complete the project in an efficient and quality-driven manner. Our bathroom remodeling service experts will update you  to let you know where the project is at and what still remains.



Bathroom renovation can be as easy as replacing your shower curtain with very appealing shower doors. At Home Remedy our bathroom renovation experts know exactly how to pull your vision into a reality. Use one of our beautiful shower doors to reignite the beauty in your Houston bathroom remodel project.


Soak in the bliss of a brand-new bathtub, especially one that is right for you and your family. Is it acrylic, ceramic, porcelain, or fiberglass that you need? Our bathroom renovations will bring your vision to life. If you are contemplating a bathroom remodel, one of the first things to consider is the type of bathtub you would like to have.  At Home Remedy, we supply a large selection of bathtubs that give you the ability to find the perfect tub for you based on color, style, and shape.


sculpt your choice of countertops with eye-catching patterns and durable granite, quartz, or granite. Our bathroom remodeling service will use your material of choice for your bathroom renovation.


Are you looking to upgrade flooring but don’t know the right look for you? Aura Home Remodeling has the perfect flooring solution for you. Our flooring experts have the knowledge and experience to give your bathroom the distinct look you have been looking for. Our flooring options are easy to maintain, and offer materials that do not wear over time. Call us today to hear about our flooring options that do not stain, scratch, or collect water. The star of the show or the understated background, flooring is still the most important of them all. We can assist you in the process of picking out and installing the right flooring for your room.

The bathroom isn’t just a place to brush your teeth and do your business; rather, the bathroom serves a variety of different purpose depending upon each family or individual. For some, the bathroom may be a place of serenity and quiet; for others, the bathroom may be the place that they indulge with their spouse. For others, a bathroom is a gathering place that welcomes even the youngest members of the family for a nightly bath time ritual. Aura Home Remodeling services can help you create the perfect type of bathroom to best suit you and your family’s needs.

One of the first things you should consider and make a decision on once starting a bathroom remodeling project is deciding on the cabinets design. There are endless number of choices and options you can pick from. Whether it is wood cabinets, light or dark colored, glass or metal, Birch or maple? Aura Home Remodeling and Construction is here to help you in choosing the look you will love the most. The decision on the bathroom should be personalized to your use of the bathroom space. There are many options such as bathtubs, standing showers, even TV or speakers for musing, there are tons of good ideas you just need to choose. If it is a couples of family bathroom considering “his” and “hers” spaces is a good idea to consider as well.

Bathrooms should stay organized at all times and this depends on the storage and organization spaces built in the bathroom. There should be a proper and reachable place for everything in order to keep the bathroom in good shape, we are here to design that perfectly for you.

Stepping into a bathroom should give you a feeling of comfort and welcoming, this is why the floor type is very important. The material and the color should look good, fit you taste and be a lasting lasting quality. Aura Home Remodeling and Construction is here to help you in making all the right decisions and reach the perfect results we and you both be proud of.

Many options are available when thinking of ways to style your sink, bathtubs and shower.

Here are some examples:


  • Pedestal Sink
  • Free-Standing Vanities
  • Vessel Sink
  • Wall-Mounted Sink
  • Under-Mount Sink
  • Console Sink
  • Self-Mounted Sink


  • General purpose
  • Soaking tub
  • Walk-in bathtubs
  • Whirlpool and air tubs
  • Cast iron bathtubs
  • Enamel on steel Bathtubs
  • Acrylic Bathtubs
  • Fiberglass Gelcoat
  • Composite Bathtubs
  • Cultured marble Bathtubs
  • Wood Bathtubs


  • Glass door shower
  • Digital shower
  • Electric shower
  • Mixer shower
  • Power shower
  • Concealed shower
  • Exposed rain shower
  • Body shower
  • Waterfall shower
  • Basic ABS shower


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