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Aura Home Remodeling and Construction make all the efforts to expend our areas of service to provide convenience of working with us. We hire local employees, each of them is the expert in their profession. Servicing locally make any remodeling project more convenient and successful from top to bottom. Please contact us with any other questions of information you might need (832) 777-7077 With local professionals for every job, you can be sure you are receiving the very best services. Our dispatch areas allow us to come to any home quickly and reliably. Instead of forcing technicians to drive all across the city, we source local experts and professionals to handle every job. You’ll surely be impressed! Give us a call to discover the many benefits of choosing a reputable home remodeling company. In each and every one of our locations we provide all of our services performed the experts in the industry.  Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions, foundation repairs, roofing are only few of the services you can get in your area. We offer top to bottom coverage, or as we like to say – any service from the roof to the foundation, and everything in between!

Working closely makes everything much easier to control and the results are always better and come much faster. Our key to success is being close to our customers, we listen to your needs and expectations in order to provide best results. Our completed projects and happy customers speak for us, our success and quality of work is proven in each of our areas of service. It is very important to choose the right professionals for the job. You do not want to run the risk of excessive mistakes or other mishaps with an inexperienced contractor or unlicensed workers. We are a fully insured, licensed, and established company that provides the very best home remodeling and construction services. When it comes to remodeling you can trust, there’s no better choice than Aura Home Remodeling! Give us a call to find out why so many homeowners choose us. Home remodeling and construction requires special attention to details, our contractors and workers make all the necessary efforts in order to notice any little detail. Paying close attention to our customers needs and desires is on top of our priority list. Our laborers are 100% dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and with labor guarantees to back up all of our promises, we’re sure you will be happy. 

Kitchen Remodeling
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Our areas of service developed through our wide experience. We learn and pay close attention to find the areas of service that need us the most. We are completely dedicated to each and one or our customers as well as the employees. We know our success and excellent depends on other satisfaction and this will always be and stay our main goal. Going beyond your expectations to make you as happy and satisfied as possible, this is our top priority and we will do anything to achieve that.

Kitchen Countertop with Interior

You can always give us a call for a free estimate for all home remodeling. Whether its your kitchen remodel, bathroom, bedroom, office, garage, or another part of the house, you can be sure to receive the best home remodeling and construction services ever with Aura Home Remodeling & Construction!