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7 of the Hottest Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2022

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen next year? If so, you’ve picked an exciting year to get the work done!

There are some eye-popping trends this year, and there are quite a few that we think are going to remain classic and stand the test of time. Here are 7 that we’re recommending to our customers lately. 

#1) Glazed Tile Backsplashes

Glazed tile creates a dramatic, elegant look. Tile backsplashes were already a trend, and for good reason: they’re functional, pretty, and a lovely place to express your unique personality and tastes.

Glazing them helps them really stand out, and creates a “finished” look that makes your kitchen truly shine. 

#2) Glass Partitions

Now that we’ve all been stuck at home and many of us are working there, we’re finding that the ability to close off every room in the house is extremely useful and relaxing. If one member of the household is cooking and the other is on a Zoom call, then you might want a way to shut out the noise.

Glass partitions are nice because they continue to let light into your kitchen without forcing you to leave it open to the entire house.

#3) Open Shelving

Some of our mugs, plates, and pitchers are beautiful and decorative, and so open shelving can help these items double as statement pieces. In addition you can add a few decorative knick-knacks to give your kitchen a little more personality.

Plus, there’s almost never too much as too much storage! 

#4) Natural Materials 

Wicker, stone, and wood are big right now, and with good reason. They’re eco-friendly, they’re gorgeous, and they’re classic. You get a warm color pallet and a classic design that is unlikely to ever go “out of style” or look outdated.

Since at least a little part of remodeling is about knowing that you’re making your home easier to sell, that longevity is important.

#5) Statement Lighting

You don’t have to live with boring kitchen lining! There are just so many options, including very interesting, hanging, decorative lights. 

Check out some cool ideas right here.

#6) Epic Pantries

There’s nothing worse than trying to shove food into the cabinets where your dishes, pots, and pans are really supposed to go. There are also a lot of items in your kitchen that don’t really need to be out, front and center. Like your microwave, which could be hiding in your pantry if it’s been designed right. 

You can even add more drawers to your pantries, which can also be exceptionally helpful. 

Want a walk-in pantry? We can absolutely make it happen.

#7) Color! 

2022 is the year to get bold with color! You can make it incredible with accents or go wild with white, experiment with unusual combinations or delve into deep beauty. 

Ask us to show you some combinations from our gallery!

Get help from Aura Home Remodeling

Did you know that it’s less expensive to remodel your kitchen than you think it is? Did you know that you can recoup much of the value in the eventual sale price of your home? And did you know that changing up your kitchen can make you happier in the home you have?

Talk to us about the possibilities! You can trust us to provide you with amazing results. We’re here to help!

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