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Aura Home Remodeling & Construction

We pride ourselves in being a professional home remodeling and construction company in Houston, Texas. We provide remodeling services for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices and commercial spaces, patios, roofing, flooring, foundations, and more.

Flooring Home Remodeling Houston

Best Flooring For Houston Weather

Houston weather and humidity can take a toll on a house, and the type of home flooring you choose is important. You definitely want to pick the best flooring materials so your house can last a long time. For...

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Flooring Home Remodeling Houston

Best Hardwood Flooring on a Budget

There are many types of affordable wood flooring for your home remodeling project. You do not need to choose the most expensive, premium wood floor in order to have a great looking house. In fact, many alternatives to hardwood...

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Home Remodeling Houston

How Home Remodeling Increases Your Property’s Value

If you are considering selling or renting your home in the future, you definitely should be looking at home remodeling services. Even just basic remodeling projects can significantly increase the value of your property. This is extremely beneficial for...

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