Popular Deck Styles 2021

Decks are one of the most customizable parts of your home. While many have basic decks, there are a lot of people who have discovered all sorts of clever and exciting features and layouts for their decks. In case you need some inspiration for your new deck, read along and find out more!

Your deck can be decorated and laid out as though it were a room. This makes it a nice extension of your home in case you like to hold gatherings outside or the weather’s nice and supper will be fun outside. The possibilities are endless. However you want to use your deck, you can have it customized to your liking.

Another popular design is with a roof and curtains on the sides. You can even have a ceiling fan on your deck for those hot Texas days. There are so many ways to build a deck’s roof. You can have an aluminum roof, or even something as simple as a roof made of boards that are separated to let in sunlight. Plant some trees for shade nearby, and you’ve got a delightful spot to enjoy summer with your family.

You can even go super modern with a steel roof with an artisan design, complete with outdoor furniture and stone tile flooring. Your deck can look like its straight out of a movie, if that’s what you want to do. No matter your goals with your deck, you can count on Aura to help you have a great summer. Call us today!


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