Room Transitions, Flooring, and Trim

Beautiful room transitions, flooring, and trim to make sure you can walk through your home feeling satisfied every inch of the way! These simple upgrades will bring your rooms to life and help different rooms really come together. You deserve to enjoy high quality remodeling for years to come. It truly is amazing how easy it can be to improve your kitchen, living room, office / study, bedroom, or other living area. With proper cornering, trim, baseboards, flooring, and transitions between floor types, you will be blown away!

Trim is a great way to line ceilings, doorways, windows, and more. You’d be surprised at how you can spice up a room with proper trim. If you have none or it’s falling apart or simply not your “cup of tea” then we can make sure that’s never the case again!

Tile to wood floor transitions and simple installations are not just beautiful and nice for the eyes, they can help you avoid tripping or stubbing your toe if there’s alignment or leveling problems. We are your flooring remodeling experts, so don’t hesitate to call whether you need to tear it all up and start over or just need basic flooring repair, transitions, or other services.

When it comes to receiving a quote for home remodeling with Aura, you only need to give us a call. We’ll set you up with a free consultation. One of our project managers will come to discuss your project and provide you with material options, price ranges, and more. We’ll send you an official quote for any type of remodeling project you would like. Large or small, we’re here to start & finish the job. You will definitely love what we have to say, so give us a call and let’s meet in person!

Thank you for choosing Aura Home Remodeling for your room flooring transitions, wall transitions, trim, and more.


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