Home Remodeling Estimates for Closing on a House – Sellers & Buyers

You may want to receive a home remodeling estimate during or before closing. This is a great way to understand how much it will actually cost to completely remodel a kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom, or another living area. Sometimes a seller may not allow the buyer to have anyone visit the property to provide a quote. This can be frustrating, and it usually happens when the seller is worried the buyer may back out of the sale if the cost of remodeling is too high. We are confident that our prices are affordable and competitive. You’ll be happy to know what we can do for your budget, big or small. We can remodel and significantly improve your new home!

We help buyers and sellers schedule an in-person meeting and free estimate. While we do understand sellers have the right to deny this process to a buyer, we believe that it can genuinely help with the sale of the home. Allowing a potential homebuyer to know how much it costs to remodel the property inside and out can demonstrate that their plan to buy, remodel, and sell (or live in the house for years to come) is a great plan. Sellers should not assume the worst! In fact, some buyers may even refuse to purchase a property without the remodeling estimate. This may come in the form of ‘necessary inspections’ that the buyers are entilted to, so denying them the ability to have a remodeling project quoted doesn’t make much sense. For buyers, it’s important that you have everything inspected and quoted for in the correct time period. If you’ve lost your option period or neglected to have us come out in time, you will need to ask the seller for permission. Make sure you schedule your free estimates before it’s too late!

We’re happy to provide free estimates for home remodeling, repairs, restoration work, and replacements. You can rely on Aura Home Remodeling and our professional technicians, workers, and friendly office staff. Call now to get started!


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