Sliding Glass Door Installation

A sliding glass door can be a wonderful way to bring in more light to your home, and add easy access to the outdoors. A new glass sliding door by your patio or deck is a perfect idea, and one of the most common reasons homeowners install these awesome see-through doors. The sliding rails on the bottom and the top of the door allow it to be slid across easily. There are a variety of different styles you can choose from. The length, width, and design of your sliding glass door can be entirely up to you. Of course, we can always supply custom door framing and sliding doors. You do not need to limit yourself to premade options if you do not want to!

One major aspect of sliding glass door installation is the actual door opening. You must make sure that the wall can be opened up for the sliding glass door without affecting the home’s structure. Our professional company always makes sure to not damage or risk any issues with load-bearing walls and supports. It’s important that all workers follow strict rules and standards for proper construction and remodeling. You should not choose a general laborer or inexperienced company. It’s worth it to make sure your home is up to code so you can enjoy your new sliding glass door for years to come!

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