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Flooring Ideas for 2020

Now that 2020 is coming to an end(Even though some might feel as though that’s not really a good thing!) it’s time to discus some of the trends that took place during the year. Trends in flooring and home improvement don’t generally just last a year, but quite a bit longer. We’re going to discuss the importance and longevity of hardwood, carpet, tile, vinyl, and potentially more! If you’re looking specifically for something in particular, you can always let us know so we can get it added as a future blog idea!

Houston Flooring Trends

Hardwood Look-a-likes, do they work, are they good

As evidence suggests the trend has a leaning preference towards hardwood flooring, the real deal hardwood flooring. That doesn’t mean look-a-likes aren’t a thing too! They have many benefits of hardwood floors, but none of the negatives.

Look-A-Like floors don’t suffer from the same UV light problems and fade in the sun. Hardwood floors ( real hardwood ) will start to fade and degrade overtime if close to a window that allows natural light to hit it.

Look-A-Like floors don’t suffer from the same high price tag. In some cases you can get look-a-like floors for under $3 per square foot.

Look-A-Like floors don’t generally scratch like hardwood floors. They are more resilient to damage!

Look-A-Like floors are generally better suited for getting wet. Hardwood floors will start to damage when wet, look-a-like floors will too, but they can withstand much more water. They’re virtually waterproof.

Look-A-Like tile can be installed almost anywhere, not just on your floor.

Hardwood (Real Hardwood) flooring

Real hardwood flooring is the choice of 2020, it offers many advantages over look-a-like tile flooring, and generally provides a greater increase in value in your home. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of hardwood floor over look-a-like flooring.

  1. Real hardwood can last 100+ years!
  2. Real hardwood can improve your homes value!
  3. Hardwood is easier and more comfortable on your feet. This is especially noticeable in kitchens where you often spend more time. Tile floors tire you out faster, and once your feet are tired, your back and whole body gets tired.
  4. Hardwood flooring is also easier on your Pets feet! This will provide.


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