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Balcony Installation, Construction and Remodeling

Learn about the best balcony deck remodeling projects and start planning your home construction or remodeling today! A professional project manager can visit your property to provide you with a free estimate for any type of home addition, deck construction, balcony construction, or other remodeling work. We offer affordable home remodeling for new decks and balconies, as well as whatever else you may need. Call Aura Home Remodeling (832) 777-7077 to start your project today!

Houston Balcony Construction & Remodeling

A new balcony is beautiful and the perfect remodeling project for enjoying time with your family and guests. Watch the sunset or sunrise with your partner, children, or whoever else. You can relax on your new balcony or deck with a cocktail in hand, or perhaps a simple iced water. The serenity of a private home balcony is perfect for meditation, or even work. Take your phone call outside if you wish! Imagine the delight of biting into your favorite meal, with a refreshing beverage as you watch the sun go across the horizon. Perhaps you can listen to your favorite music through built in outdoor speakers while cracking jokes with your friends. Whatever you need, Aura Home Remodeling is here to make your dream come true. We know what it takes to start and finish a balcony construction or remodeling project on time, within your budget, and to the highest standards.

There are many things to consider when planning a new balcony construction project. The addition must be up to code, and safe to not only stand on, but go under too. Your balcony must be properly supported and constructed without jeopardizing any load bearing beams, walls, or other supports. Our project managers are very experienced with planning for all phases, including blueprints and planning, zoning and building code approvals, any applicable HOA regulations, and of course the actual construction. We’re a full service company that provides all needed trade skills, such as painting, carpentry, masonry work, and even gas line or electrical work and plumbing.

We can build balcony decks into the roof of a lower story, as a new addition or extension, and make sure your new home balcony is exactly how you want it. Upper decks and balconies do not have to be super large to increase the value of your property. Even a top deck meant only for standing can be a great way to offer anyone living on the 2nd story a nice way to enjoy the outside fresh air without needing to go to the yard. We make all balcony construction projects affordable, so we’re sure we can provide you with a great free estimate for your project. Get ready to be excited! Aura is here to make your balcony remodeling dreams a reality.


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