Home Gym Remodeling

A gym inside your home is a wonderful luxury, so it’s no surprise that so many homeowners are converting garages, basements, and other rooms into beautiful gyms. From rock climbing walls to standard gym equipment installation, we have helped countless homeowners and property managers with their remodeling projects. When it comes to gym remodeling, there is a few things to consider: Safety, Practical Use, Luxury, Beauty, and more! Luckily for you, Aura Home Remodeling is here to make sure your new gym is the best it can be.

Whether you need a place to use your treadmill, lift weights, or exercise in other ways, you can always call Aura for the best rates and incredible remodeling services. If you’re anything like my basketball-addicted cousins and you need an indoor basketball court with a flat screen TV to keep score then don’t worry – we’ve seen it all before and can definitely take care of you! Call now and get started.

Safety in your home gym is very important. You should consider installing padded walls, fall-safe flooring, and more. Pads for columns and other structures in the gym can be very good and save you or family members from injury. There are other things to consider too like appropriate lighting, a proper door opening, a water source, and perhaps even a bathroom. You need to be able to see where you are in the gym, especially if you are operating any machinery or working out. A properly sized door opening is the best standard for safety so that in a worst case scenario someone can be carried out of the gym without issue. When you are working out, doing cardio, or exercising in other ways it’s very important that you have access to water. Stay hydrated! Of course, a bathroom will help you get back to your workout immediately with little delay.

Your gym needs to be practical. Don’t go overboard converting your home’s largest room into a gym unless you intend to use it or it’s a value to people buying your house. A good sized gym is the one that allows you and the estimated number of people that will join you to work out comfortably. You should have enough room for whatever workouts, sports, or other activities you intend to engage in most frequently. The beauty of your gym should be obvious, and we’re not talking about art or expensive features. There is something fascinating and stunning about a gym that is perfectly designed and laid out, with exercise at the forefront of its styling decisions!

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