Carpet Replacement in Houston, TX

There are many reasons you need carpet replacement in Houston for your home, especially if you have carpeting in the bathroom, kitchen, or other areas prone to spills. Water damage is the biggest reason for immediate carpet removal and replacement. If your carpet simply looks bad, is outdated, dirty, or worse than that then you should consider hiring Aura Home Remodeling for your carpet replacement. We’ll come to your house for a free estimate appointment and consultation.

When a carpet gets wet, mold and mildew can easily grow. You must dry a carpet as soon as possible if you spill any liquids, even if it is just water. Wet carpeting is not good for a home’s habitability and cleanliness. For this reason, any carpets in bathrooms or kitchens should be removed and replaced with tiling or other water resistant materials like stone. Unfortunately, there are some homes that are outdated or only partially remodeled so they may have carpet in these areas. Carpet removal should be on the top of your list for remodeling work if any of this applies to you.

If your carpet is ugly, faded, or falling apart then you should consider carpet replacement. We can match your current carpet designs and types, or replace the carpet with an entirely new style. Enjoy fresh, new carpet under your feet! You deserve it. Aura Home Remodeling provides affordable carpet replacement in Houston, so give us a call to get started.


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