Roofing Construction and Building New Brick House with Modular C

Houston Roofing for Home Additions

Aura Home Remodeling offers trusted roofing installation and construction services for new home additions. If you are considering a room addition construction or remodeling project, you will need reliable roof services. Aura’s Houston roofing installation experts are here to provide free estimates for all roof remodeling, new roof construction, and roof replacement work. Keep reading to learn more about roof installation and new home additions.

Your new home addition will be perfect for increasing your house’s value and giving you more space. With the foundation, framing, and interior design there is so much to think about. Roofing is one of the most important parts of your home addition construction. We provide affordable Houston roofing services to homeowners from all over Greater Houston, as well as in Austin and Dallas. For the best Texas roofing, you need Aura Home Remodeling! Your roof needs to be properly installed, weatherproofed, and insulated. Attic insulation or roofing insulation is one of the best ways to protect your home and your new addition from drafts and air leaks. You do not want to lose your cool air or heating. Drafts can cost homeowners a lot of money over time, so roof insulation is important. Aura Home Remodeling provides the best roofing installations, so give us a call to set up your free estimate.

Shingle installation is important for making sure water runs off of your roof efficiently. Similarly, you will need to make sure your new roof has proper gutter installations so that water can be drained without any problems. Our company makes sure that your entire new addition’s roofing is superb, with nothing left out. There is no need for multiple contractors because our company takes care of everything. From the framing to the gutters and flashing, we will take care of you from start to finish!

We have been operating as a fully licensed and established construction and remodeling company for many years. We are confident in our ability to satisfy our customers. If you are interested in a new room addition in Houston, TX or any of our other service areas, you can give us a call to schedule your free estimate and consultation. Aura Home Remodeling is here to help!


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