Houston Floor Water Damage Restoration

Water damage in home flooring can be catastrophic. Aura’s trusted floor replacement and remodeling services are here to help homeowners in the most dire of circumstances. We help with all water damage restoration projects, flooring removal, flooring replacements, mold remediation, and other related home services for Houston, TX customers.

When your home flooring suffers from water damage, you can expect many problems to only get worse over time. Water in the floor will cause irreparable damage. Besides visible floorboard warping, mold can grow which causes your house to be contaminated and unlivable. The presence of water will cause the materials to rot or become waterlogged, deteriorate quickly, and these will need to be fully replaced. Our Houston water damage restoration and remodeling company is here if you need help with floor replacement or restoration. The most important part about water damage restoration is the initial steps. You must do everything you can to dry your house, and you may even need a professional water damage company in Houston to take care of this. It’s not as easy as bringing things outside and hoping the floor dries. An immediate response to get rid of any damaged flooring may be needed so that other parts of the floor and house structure aren’t affected too. Of course, it is very important to stop the cause of the water. We provide affordable Houston water leak repairs, full plumbing services, and any other needed services.

Floor replacement includes removing flooring and materials from your house, followed by necessary cleaning and repairs, and then finally your new floor installation. Aura Home Remodeling’s trusted Houston flooring services are available to customers in all locations in or around the entire Greater Houston area. We provide affordable home floor remodeling, full mold remediation, and water damage restoration services.

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