Houston Fence Installation

Aura Home Remodeling provides affordable fence installation and replacement services in Houston, Texas as well as many other great cities. With FREE ESTIMATES for all home fencing, there’s no reason to wait. We can tell you exactly how much it will cost to fully replace or repair your current fences or install new fence on your property. Fences are important for keeping animals out of your yard, especially if you have a garden, keeping dogs and children away from the street, and of course protecting your home. We know how important it can be to feel safe in your house, and you would be surprise how much extra security a simple fence can add. Although an intruder or even some animals can jump over a small fence, it acts as a deterrent. New fence installations can even prevent people from accidentally wandering into your yard. This can be very important if you have an in-ground pool or another type of yard feature that can be dangerous. In fact, you may be legally obligated to have a fence or wall for this purpose.

Houston Fence Replacement

We can fully remove your existing fence and install new fencing along the perimeter of your property, or wherever you need fencing! Whether your fence is only a few feet tall or much taller, we can handle it. We have constructed custom walls and installed fencing for countless commercial properties and homes too. If you want to change the type of fence material then that’s no problem. Our technicians can work with chain link fences, wood fencing, or whatever else you need. We’ll even handle the weatherproofing, staining, painting, or anything else you would like to make your property’s fences look beautiful from both the outside and inside.

Remove Fencing in Houston, TX

If you need to remove fencing, but do not need a new fence installed then that’s fine too. We will make sure the fence is completely removed and that the ground is filled in. We’ll even go as far as making sure the top soil is consistent with your yard, seeded for grass if needed, and do everything we can to make sure you have a seamless yard with no evidence of a prior fence being there. Give us a call for fence removal in Houston if you need to get rid of an old, ugly, or broken fence!


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