Home Entrance Remodeling

Remodeling for home entrances can include many elaborate designs or just simple door replacements. Whether you need door framing services and door installation or even masonry work for columns, statues, and steps to your door, we’re here to help. Aura Home Remodeling is very experienced with home front entrance remodeling and construction. We’ll make sure your dreams come true. Welcome your guests with the best lighting, front steps, an entrance cover, and of course a beautiful door. Your front door should be heavy, built to last, secure, and a delight to look at. No matter what color or style you choose, we’re sure we will make you very happy.

Houston Door Remodeling

We can fully replace your home doors and even enlarge or downsize the framing. If you need a regular swinging door, or a sliding door we can do that for you. We don’t just work on grand entrances for the front of homes, so no matter where your doors are located we can offer you the most affordable door replacements in Houston, TX. Enjoy the best door installation you can possibly have!

Houston Porch Remodeling

Your front porch and steps to your house can make a great first impression. With a cover overhang from your front door, guests can patiently wait for you to answer your door even when its raining or super hot outside. Your front porch can be made of stone, or even include the best decking in Houston! Give us a call to find out how we can upgrade your home entrance.

Grand Entrance Construction and Remodeling

Your home should have the best entrance possible. Imagine walking up beautiful stone steps, past stone pillars, under a beautiful porch cover, and through great heavy doors and into your home. This is the vision that many people have for their homes, but not many people know how affordable it can be. We provide free estimates for all Houston remodeling and construction, so call now to schedule your appointment. One of our professional project managers will sit down with you to consult about your project and let you know what must be done to accomplish your dreams.


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