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Commercial Remodeling in Houston

Aura Home Remodeling and Construction is here to take care of any of your commercial property remodeling projects. With affordable prices and dependable services we will take care of the entire project from start to finish. From interior and exterior designs to bathroom, kitchen, and office remodeling we offer affordable prices and high quality looks. Our licensed professionals have years of experience with commercial remodeling and our project managers take care of the entire process every step of the way. From plumbing and electrical work to new floors, expansions, light fixtures, new walls, ceilings and more we are your full service company.

Our licensed construction workers have years of experience with flooring and interior. We work with our customers to provide samples, make cuts, take measurements, and put up any wall paper or backsplashes to turn any space into a sophisticated look. 

For any brick or stone misalignments, tuckpointing, or other replacements needed we handle all masonry and brick work. We will make sure to select the proper materials for your property and ensure everything will be installed and repaired correctly. 

For any tile replacements or installations our Aura Commercial Remodeling and Construction team will provide fair prices and accurate estimates. We provide the best commercial remodeling in Houston. For any new tile installation projects or repairs we will make sure you receive the best service available. With a variety of materials and designs to choose from we will pick the perfect look for your commercial business. We take care of any grouting that needs to be done and repair any fixed or damaged tiles at an affordable price.

If your commercial property needs to be gutted completely we are ready to get the job done. Our qualified professionals will safely remove any left over materials properly and make sure every aspect of your remodeling project is handled correctly. 

For any electrical work and rewiring our experts will take care of it all. We have experienced technicians in every field and are well equipped to handle your entire remodeling project.

For any new HVAC installation or repair and replacement services Aura is here for you. From vent covers and air ducts to the units themselves we will make sure everything has been installed correctly and is operating efficiently and effectively. 

We make sure that any commercial building is wheelchair accessible. We can set up the appropriate ramps, railings and doors to make sure the handicapped and mobility impaired are properly accommodated. 

Aura will also take care of any plumbing installations and repairs. From kitchens to bathrooms and even larger-scale operation rooms like breweries we will make sure all plumbing is completely taken care of.

Looking to go green? No problem! We can install solar panels, make repairs, and explore different hybrid electricity solutions so that you can save money and benefit from green energy all year-round.


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