Home Nursery Room Remodeling

Affordable home remodeling for families, couples, and single parents expecting a newborn! We’ll baby-proof your house, make sure it’s safe, and more importantly – practical. Room conversions and remodeling for your new home nursery will be perfect for any child on the way. Your little one will need a soft carpet, safe edges, and other changes to not only be safe, but live in comfort. You deserve it!

We supply all baby needs for safety and security. Aura home remodeling in Houston can transform any room into the perfect room for your baby. From cribs to cams and safe edges to protective gates we take care of it all. Our priority is to ensure our customers receive quality work that will keep your little one safe and keep your mind at ease. Our professionals will make sure to install any furniture and set up a baby-proofed room that will protect your baby and keep them safe.

If you plan to transform your Houston garage into a new renovation Aura will be happy to take care of any remodeling. We can install new garage insulation to help control the temperature as well as provide you with carpeting, lighting, electrical components and anything else. For any Houston garage remodeling we are the company for you! We have helped countless homeowners in Houston convert garages into baby rooms, live-in suites and any other room you would like.

If you need to have any area of your home converted into a nursery room Aura is here for you. We can add baby changing stations, add carpet, install new windows to add light, paint rooms, and more. For any of your upcoming room renovations and projects we are the company for you. We will ensure that your room is remodeled perfectly for your new addition and add safety features that will keep your little one safe.


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