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Houston Water Damage Restoration

Home restoration and remodeling in Houston is very important to recover from water damage. Water can cause destruction to carpets, walls, celilings, floors, and rot wood. No only will water deteriorate your home but you also face the risk of mold and mildew growth, and the structure of your home may also become compromised. Our company is made up of expert water damage and restoration professionals. Our company has been providing honest services and reliable prices you can trust. We will fully assess the damage of your home and restore it completely back to new. We will make sure there are no leaks to ensure your home will remain fully protected from water damage.

Step 1) Inspection & Free Estimate

We will take your call at any time and schedule an inspection and free estimate appointment. Our technicians can look over all affected areas of your home to determine what must be done to fully restore the house. We’ll get rid of all water, handle the drying process, provide affordable home cleaning, and all needed repairs or replacements. Call now to set up your Houston water damage inspection and free estimate scheduled.

Step 2) Water Damage Repairs

All home repairs will be taken care of so any problems are resolved. We can fully fix or replace electrical lines, plumbing, and appliances so that your house is as good as new. If you are working with an insurance company, we can make sure the process goes smoothly with an extremely detailed inspection report or estimate based on a third-party certified appraisal and inspection. We’re confident in the experience of our technicians along with the best home repair equipment, so you will be 100% satisfied when everything is fixed by one of our expert repair professionals.

Step 3) Home Restoration

From the floor to the ceiling, we’ll make sure your house is sparkling. Full restoration may include extensive remodeling work, or it can be as simple as full cleaning and light touch ups. Whatever it takes, Aura Home Remodeling will fully clean and fix your home water damage. Full house restoration is our specialty, so allow us to do everything from replace your carpet or flooring to build a new roof. As a licensed and fully insured construction company in Houston, Aura helps countless homeowners each year with water damage restoration projects both large and small. No matter the cause or effect of water damage, we’ll visit your home for a free estimate inspection to get you started.


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