Floor Remodeling

Aura Home Remodeling can fully replace, repair, or convert your flooring. With the best flooring remodeling in Houston, we help homeowners improve their homes. From new tiling to new wood flooring or carpeting, Aura can make sure any floor you need is perfectly installed. Your new floor will be beautiful in appearance, fully sealed and shined, and ready for your family or guests to be amazed. We can even install unique floor features such as custom floor designs, patterns, or even a custom wood compass display that is 100% accurate. We are the best Houston home remodeling company, so give us a call! These are all floor remodeling projects Aura has started and finished without any issues, so we’re sure your project will be successful. Keep reading to learn more about experienced professionals and the best Houston floor remodeling.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring can be fully repaired or replaced so that your home’s floor is stunning and built to last. We use the best materials and always stay within budget so that your floor remodeling project goes smoothly. You can choose from many different types of wood for flooring so that the color and style of wood matches your home. If you would like to convert your carpeting or floor tiles to hard wood, pressed wood, or any other style of wood flooring then we’re here to help. Call Aura Home Remodeling today to start your home floor replacement, repair, or improvement project.

New Carpet

We know exactly what it takes to install new carpet, making sure that existing flooring is removed or adjusted to accommodate the new carpeting. We are carpet installation experts and can help you choose from the best carpet styles, materials, and colors. Your new home carpet will be beautiful, soft, and most importantly installed to last for many years. Ask our professionals for advice and we’ll be sure to provide accurate information to help you with your home floor remodeling.

Floor Tiling

With so much experience with both kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we are very well equipped to install new tiles. Our professional technicians can remove tiles, replace your tiling completely, or add new tiles where there are missing tiles or other empty space. Floor remodeling does not have to be expensive, so ask us about our affordable tiling materials and installation services. Whether you need to convert carpet to tiles or wood to tiling, we’re here to help. No matter what your Houston floor remodeling project needs, Aura can start and finish it on time and at budget!


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